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Times changed and our thinking about the way we manage our improvement activities has to change. Good isn’t good enough. Only the best will attract customers in today’s competitive environment. We must excel in all parts of our organisation. We have to have an organisation that “wows” the customer, not only satisfies them. Research states that as much as 60 per cent of change initiatives and other projects fail as a direct result of a fundamental inability to manage their social implications.

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(1) Change is inevitable and we have to embrace it if we are going to be successful in this challenging world we live in. A lot changes as well as each organisation and, according to Waring and Glendon, change management has become a core element of management rhetoric. (2) In this literature review we’ll take a look at changes which each organisation may face, discover why they appear and how they may be connected with risks. We will also discover the role of risk management in managing change.

Types of Change

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