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It is important that the leader of a team is able to motivate the group as doing so will encourage a better working environment and bring harmony within.
Been honest and dealing with individuals in a straight forward manner can also lead to commitment from them. A leader of a team should also be leading by example and showing the team the right things to do and stop members of the team picking up bad habits and distracting the team from its objectives.
Being kind and giving praise and recognition where due will also help others within the team do the same to one and other when someone has done a good job etc.
Each member of the team needs specific goals which can be achievable and time frames in which these need to be met, the leader then needs to motivate its staff to achieve these.

As a leader it is vital that you find out what motivates each member of the team, doing so can then make it easier to motivate each individual pushing them also towards the goals. Knowing what each member’s motivator is can then help the group out as setting objectives for the team which will satisfy all members in a job well done. Some members of the team may be motivated by praise, a few by job satisfaction and some may like the job security. Most of the employees will like a leader that takes an interest in the work but also into each other’s personal lives and needs.

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