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It is important that we support participation and equality of access so the all children and young people receive the same opportunities offered to them. All children have the right to a broad curriculum and must all be offered the same access to high-quality teaching and the learning experiences that are being provided by services. Educational providers must ensure that all pupils are receiving equal access to opportunities provided regardless of their background, race, culture, gender, disabilities and any other additional needs. It is important that children have the right to participate and are treated equally. Participation is the action of taking part in something. We encourage participation by asking children to evaluate, asking them what works, what doesn’t work and what could be done for it to work better.

By promoting equality of access, it makes it more likely for children’s personal achievement to maximise. Equal opportunity doesn’t mean treating all children the same, it means treating children for their individuality and uniqueness. We must ensure that we meet the needs of all children by overcoming any existing barriers there may be. Therefore, to meet these needs we must use appropriate intervention strategies and provide additional support to effectively meet and support these needs. We must have high but realistic expectations for children, making it easier for children to meet these.

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Within education we must try our best to improve participation by involving all children. To do this, there must be regular opportunities for children to talk, this could be done through having circle time, regular class discussions and debates etc. Participation can also be done through reflection and asking children how they learn best and what could be improved to support their learning. We can also involve parents in participation by asking them to come to parent’s evenings and encouraging them to come into school to work with their children. Participation is also encouraging children to get involved with extra-curricular activities and getting involved in school council. Participation is about listening and respecting the views of children.

Educational providers must promote equal access and participation by helping children and young people develop a sense of identity. By involving children in the way in which the school works helps them to develop a sense of belonging and helps them to have positive self-esteem. By giving children the opportunity to participate and contribute makes them feel valued. Allowing children to participate gives them the opportunity to become more independent which promotes positive self-worth. Promoting equality of access and involving children improves the relationship between children and adults. By doing so, it makes children have more respect for adults as they are aware that the adults are involving them more in day to day tasks and are wanting children to get involved. By doing so it provides children with role models and shows fairness.

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