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It is process which separating the solid particles from a liquid, by causing the latter to pass thorough the pores of some substance (Leentech Water Treatment and Purification, 2009). Filtration is applies in mechanical, biological or physical filter (Helmenstine, 2018). According to Organic Laboratory Techniques, ND, there are several filtration methods like gravity or so called simple filtration, is the most common method it is use to remove an insoluble solid materials from solution, hot filtration is use to remove tiny amount of impurities, Vacuum filtration is use to remove the suspended dust particle from the air, Cold Filtration is performed to maintain the lowe temperature, it remove fatty acids, proteins or esters, Multilayer Filtration is an ancient days of filtration use in industry.

Cocopeat is a product of coconut processing plants that available in some countries in Southeast Asia. Base on the their studies that cocopeat has the ability to treat waste water (Thomson, Gardner, Gwin, Gunsch, 2016)
Cocopeat is a low cost because it cost only less than 2 cents per day of usage and cocopeat filters require 70% of the capital and maintenance construction wet land average. Cocopeat also shows 90% removal rate of other harmful substances in water. In coconut rich country cocopeat is a renewable resource. When the used cocopeat reach it limits to absorb it may use as organic fertilizers. Cocopeat may also compare to wetlands and sewage lagoons. Cocopeat filters may last long up to 8 years with expected life of 3 years before requiring media replacement (Parsons, 2014).

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