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It is very important to keep the classroom in safe use condition. Before children enter into the class, class teacher and the supporting staff should prepare the class in safer environment which will not cause risk to staff and the children. some of the aspects that should be considered are:

a) Light/Noise: Sufficient light resource should be kept available for the children, if there is no sufficient light in the class it shows affect on the child eyes or classroom with fluorescent bulbs will affect the eye sight of the staff as well as children. Classroom will be distracted with the noise coming from outside or within the class is more. Bright light or low light, more noise or low sound is not suitable for class environment.

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b) Furniture: Furniture like tables, chairs, storages used in the classroom should be check every day before children enters into the classroom to reduce the risk to the staff and children.

c) Organisation: Equipments like projectors, computer, IPads, any electronics should be kept away from the children and the equipments should be kept stored in a safer place so that children can’t reach it. Electrical supplies should be closed and kept out of reach of children.

d) Outdoor Ground: Every day ground in the school should be risk assessed, cleaned to ensure ground is free from fouls, poisonous trees, glasses, unsafe toys etc., and make sure that ground is risk free zone for children. Class teacher should check the ground before children are going to the ground for a play. During the play time teacher should be along with them to protect.

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