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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

It states that in the Code of Ethics that the pharmacist must respect and follow thoroughly the laws implemented by the Singapore Pharmacy Council (SPC) and the government of Singapore. The pharmacist must follow through the pledge that is made up with the letters within pharmacist. Failure to meet with the Code of Ethics would cause bodily harm to patients and consumers that would be reflected in the pharmacist’s conduct. It emphasizes on the pharmacist conduct from handling patient-pharmacist relationship to the daily basic responsibilities. The Code of Ethics aims to represent themselves in a way that the public will have confidence with the pharmacist and the code itself. The pharmacist ought to give factual answers to customers or consumer’s questions and doubts as that is the right thing to do of a pharmacist. The pharmacist should not promote and advertise for the brands to the customer because it is against the Code of Ethics. The pharmacist should only recommend instead of promoting for the drug that might give the customer a false hope after she or he uses, and it has no effect on her or him. This might complicate the whole situation as the customer might hold the pharmacist accountable.

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