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As we have discussed earlier that how pollution control and its measures requires a huge expense and investment which is seen by non-profit generating capability and capacity of various industrial organizations. The two essential categories of account in the economics of pollution control is first, the operation and maintenance cost and the capital cost. The initial capital cost comprises of the following mentioned cost sections and functions.

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A. Total Capital Investment
1. Proper Permitting and Planning
2. Equipments selection, design and its engineering
3. Equipment process facility integration
4. Equipment construction, installation and fabrication
5. Training, monitoring, testing, start up and reporting

B. Maintenance and Operation

The total cost of pollution control strategies has to be based on computing to meet environmental regulations which is purely based on engineering and scientific principles. however this process is quite time consuming, includes cost factor and is economically stressful which is not necessary to be seen while preparing for the cost estimates.
Contradictory to this, the regulations are completely based on the best vital information which is available to assume or predict the effect of regulations on the regulated environment and society. in this it may include only equipment cost and it may discard all other associated costs that may form a major amount of the total cost. many times this data is extrapolated for various differing and independent facilities.


Information technology plays an essential role in prevention and control of pollution. The various simulations and modeling of various pollutants can prove to be very useful for the designing and implementing of pollution control techniques and prevention projects. The IT based services provides us with many easy handling tools for the prediction, prevention and control of pollutants.

The most growing technology like the Geographical Information System (GIS) and remote sensing are vitally used for effective environmental management. These technologies can sense and predict the various ongoing changes in the environment through satellites which uses the remote sensing technology systems. This information provided by the satellite can be used to prevent the loss of life , property and plants during some natural calamities like the earthquake, floods, volcanic eruptions etc, and it can be predicted in advance. this can lead to effective planning of disaster management programs and it reduces the effect of such calamities. These systems provide a big database for environmental issues like desertification, pollution control, biodiversity , renewable energy etc.

Today in the pollution control system ,the various industries are concerned about the various pollutants and the diversified sources of these pollutants which effects these industries badly. therefore the control and treatment process of these hazardous pollutants requires costly and well versed specialized equipments which are within the permissible limits. so the solution to this problem requires some specific solutions which can be costly. So the concept of cloud computing comes into play which is cost effective and can help in improvement of pollution on a global perspective. A computerized database can be maintained and information from it can be retrieved more accurately the ever before the computers. there are some work which are undertaken around the whole world to compile a large database on various environmental issues like pollution, wasteland, wildlife, forest cover etc.

Cloud computing is all about the applications, the various hardwares and softwares which are delivered as various services over the internet and this provides more advantage specially in the concentrated and dense industrial zones. whenever a nation requires cloud services then the pollution cloud provides pollution control services from cloud to the specified nation.

This will not only innovate management of pollution of environment and its analytical reliability but will also give a plithora opportunity to focus on improving and upgrading treatment technology. this will definitely give ample opportunities to various industries to lessen their capital investment on pollution issues and helps in making the treatment more cost effective and attractive. this is going to enhance the pace of information exchange between government and different industries agencies and hence to be more logical in making energy and various environmental policies and regulations. it will definitely exaggerate technically sound, reasonable ,cost effective laws to control techniques and some measures and regulation, consistency of the group operations through various sponsorships and technical transactions.


Today various software companies are coming up with solutions for the complex problems so they are offering different solutions for the various real time problems for example pollution. these companies share their knowledge and give expertise solution through cloud. a pollution cloud is very essential and vital for a nation and it’s society for controlling and managing the severly polluted areas and develop eco friendly technologies to combat that. It also provides organizational and management activity to control pollution by cloud computing. it provides alarming services like in iphone which is a thin client for global warming and green house effects which will come in the near future through data mining.

Fig-3 Companies offering specialized cloud solutions


In the given figure we can see that how a client works on browser based devices and cloud works as a back hand which has various distributed services like storage as infrastructure of service, which is given by various data centres. For the managing and hosting pollution cloud services which comprises of accounting, Dynamic SLA management, execution monitoring and management etc.

The pollution cloud app is completely running on SaaS layer which is completely a user level middleware as is shown in the figure. This layer provides all pollution cloud applications to the end user.

An intelligent data collector device is being installed which collects data from different pollution measuring equipments and devices which have been installed in various parts of the cities. if the pollution is found above the permissible limits then the data is collected and transferred to cloud by thin client, and at last all data is transferred to the pollution cloud in an online mode. the automatic pollution measuring are installed in various blacklisted areas which are point sources of pollution. even there is a pollution cloud to which hospital data can be uploaded using an online hospital management system.

Some warehouses are made for different distributed databases and data mining is done through prediction and some association algorithms. association helps to find the effect of green house gases and global warming. warehouse tells about the different diseases occurred due to pollution in reference to the last years data. results are checked from data mining from the last times effect and it is then calibrated for use in E-GOVERNANCE and pollution by interfacing the cloud for E-GOVERNANCE. Here there is no corruption because there is no involvement of any kind of manpower. here all the devices are automated so we get a actual result of soil, air, water, noise pollution and global warming. A pollution cloud provides a number of facilities to the industries and environmentalists for the storage of data, analysis and managing of data on demand basis and even it gives access to super computer by level computing power.


? A complete environmental pollution study and analysis without human interference.
? Actual and real analysis of monitoring and data reading without corruption.
? We can get all advanced tools for pollution analysis on demand whenever it is required.
? Future prediction of the environmental pollution coming and its control.
? Provides data mining for the analysis of pollution effects and associated diseases in a localized form.
? Provides NOC and E-GOVERNANCE to various industries.
? Locates area for the control projects of pollution sources.
? Pollution cloud helps in water quality control and river supervision.
? Resource planning is done effectively for short and long term projects using forecasting techniques.
? Pollution cloud protects the water resources.
? Pollution cloud helps in control of hazardous waste and helps in making policies.


In this paper we found out that how pollution is a huge and alarming problem and to control and manage it requires a lot of money, talent and developmental skills. Pollution solutions for various types of pollution is specific and it needs some unique requirements and the services needs are much more in the customized form so the various industries and organizations need some super solution and the best solution to their problem is cloud which can provide them various services on demand. Cloud computation is most proper and generic solution for these industries and organizations as it reduces the cost of controlling pollution and makes everything automated without any use of manpower which helps them to carry out their corporate social responsibility. In the coming years pollution cloud will play a major role because of its on demand services, scaling and working on mobile phones using thin client support. This is the most effective and Eco Friendly way to control pollution and make different Nations and its people live a good and a fresh and healthy life and will soon make the earth a POLLUTED FREE PLACE TO DWELL.

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