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I’ve selected the second claim provided (overhunting by humans led to extinction of the Ice Age animals). The research question that I’ve developed based on the claim chosen is did homo sapiens lead Gigantopithecus (giant ape) to end up being extinct if so how did homo sapiens lead them to being extinct. The other mammalian that I’ve chosen which can relate a lot to the Gigantopithecus is the Orangutan as I’m going to be comparing both together to show how evolution has occurred from the Gigantopthecus from the Ice Age era and the orangutan from the modern era as both are in the ape family, Evolution is the understanding that the world is not constant but changing an example of this is the Italian Wall Lizards as they were taken to an island left by themselves to see if they will change . AS they changed their diet and ate more vegetation it causes their head size, giving them a stronger bite. Carks Darwin’s (1809-1882) theory was all species of organisms appear and develop through the natural selection as it increases the individua’s ability to compete, survive and reproduce. An example of this is a species of rat’s lives in a certain type of tree with the branches evenly separated as smaller rats cannot reach each branch to another and the larger rats end up braking the branches and falling of the branches, all rats use to be the right size to be able to reach each branch. I believe that humans did lead the giant ape to extinction and that the Gigantopthecus can relate to the orangutan in the modern-day era.The Gigantopithecus was a giant ape that stood at around about 3 meters (9.8feet) tall as they weighed as much as 540kg (1,200Ib) as it makes them almost double the weight of a Gorilla and makes the Gigantopithecus five times the weight of a modern Orangutans.

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