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Karl Marx perhaps is the most misinterpreted social theorist since the conception of sociology. He is often misquoted or quoted out of context by his detractors and followers alike, despite bequeathing a ton of material in the form of communist manifesto, Das capital(his magnum opus), a contribution to critique on political economy and numerous essays and speeches Marx still remains as a controversial figure. Misinterpretation went on to such a way that Marx himself complained “I am not a Marxist” as Marxism(here Marx’s work or thoughts) was generally seen as economic determinism and also Marx’s interpretation of history as historical determinism which Marx vehemently denied.
Marx is often accused of promising a future utopia, a close reading of Marx says otherwise he didn’t write any details about future communist society he even metaphorically said that such an act is “writing recipes for the cookshops of future”. By not mentioning how a communist society will be he refrained from making such promises.
Marx is often seen by many as prophet or a preacher spreading his own doctrine, for proletariats to follow. Branding Marx as a preacher of communism is a common misconception he is not personally against capitalism on contrary he spoke very highly of it!(in a few necessary cases) he said in communist manifesto “the bourgeoisie during its rule of scare one hundred years has created more massive and more productive forces than all preceding generations” but Marx is brutal in his critique of capitalism he mentions several times about the horrors of capitalism and how it fails itself. He is someone who appreciated the efforts of capitalism but feels it has a replacement date .Marx felt that the system of capitalism is not sustainable so he formulated a different mode of production after capitalism that is communism this the crux of his writings
Many people still throw away valuable criticism of Marx on capitalism with Stalinist bathwater. Stalinism as the name itself suggests is not Marxism or communism but a dictatorship with a communist lining. Its the same with Maoism.
Marx is widely misquoted when it come to private property many people think that communism is blanket ban on private property. But Marx in communist manifesto clearly mentioned that communism is against bourgeoise property not private property Marx claims class structure springs from bourgeoisie property. so, abolition of bourgeoise property is an integral part of communism.
The rhetoric of Karl Marx also makes it open to misinterpretation, Marx allows the readers to reach their own conclusion as he cites a lot of example and metaphors, this was done in order to make it intelligible for the proletariats, the work of Marx were not academic in nature so this results in a lot of chinks in his arguments which leads to undesirable conclusions conveyed to his readers.
A radical thinker like Marx is always susceptible to misinterpretation so what is required in order to clearly understand him is an open mind and patience, critical thinking and not to jump conclusions based on half baked information. Apart from that one should be aware of wilful misrepresenting Marx through propaganda and oversimplification of his writings or ideolog

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