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Kenji Aaron A. Aquino
IS110 – Chadwick
Our universe started from the Big Bang billions of years ago forming the very first stars that exploded through time creating our Sun and twenty planet sized objects. It then became eight planets caused by the twenty planet sized objects crashing into each other.

Our solar system formed from the collection of the interstellar dust that came from the stars that exploded. A billion years after, our planet was born without life and it only contained minerals that formed from the high temperature of the Sun. Then, a planet called Theia crashed into the Earth causing a lot of debris that formed our moon. After another billion years, water started forming in the Earth and life started from Prokaryotes, then oxygen formed in the oceans and the atmosphere making organisms called Eukaryotes possible to live in earth. After a million years, new species are formed in the ocean. Plants started growing becoming forests, and Earth’s land masses started separating from one another. It kept moving from time to time and reptiles started appearing in land. The Mesozoic Era started until a huge asteroid struck the earth killing most of the dinosaurs. After the extinction of the dinosaurs the age of Mammals or Cenozoic started. Lastly, our ancestors lived learning a lot of things like making a fire, starting an agriculture and more. From this, humankind continued to develop technology into what it is today.

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Therefore, through the Big Bang Theory, we are able to understand how our solar system was created from a singularity. In addition to this, we may also discover how life on Earth had begun.

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