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Kinds of computer graphics:
The computer graphics consists of two parts:
120015027940Computer Graphics
00Computer Graphics

315277538100Non-interactive computer graphics
00Non-interactive computer graphics
-12382538100Interactive computer graphics
00Interactive computer graphics

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Interactive computer graphics:
It includes a two-way communication between the computer and the user. The user is given some Keys to control over the displayed image. When computer receives a signal from an input device can change the displayed image in a suitable way. In the sight of the user the pictures are converted in a very little time. The user can make many orders and these orders produce different graphical response from computer. This is the process of the communication between the user and the computer. The interactive computer graphics have many effects in our life. It is used to practice the pilots by using the flight simulator.

Non-interactive computer graphics:
It is well known as passive computer graphics. The user can’t control over the image in this kind of computer graphics. The images are the products of stored programs and works under the control of that program linearly and work with its instructions like screen savers.

Many people have entertained an amazing increase in the processing power of the computers. However, this direction of increasing in performance can’t keep on indefinitely on a successive design significantly as the transistors approach the atomic level. Data processing has become a promising way for maintaining the high place of increasing the computer performance. In the parallel devices, many processors work on massive sets of knowledge at the same time. The GPU is referred to as a graphics card specialized in hardware commodity that uses data processing to perform many of the operations quickly commonly concerned within the production of 3-dimensional graphics. GPU manufactures have solely evolved models with programmable processors, so most research on GPU algorithms is restricted to the last four years. The parallel structure of GPUs in addition to a powerful demand by clients for quicker and a lot of careful special computer graphics has a led to an amazing rate of growth within the processing power of GPUs.

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