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Macbeth Essay
Shakespeare wrote many tales including tragedies, comedies, and historical
ones. However, he is most known for his tragedies above anything including Macbeth.
Shakespeare wrote Macbeth in hopes to create a very ambitious and greedy tragedy. In
this tale Macbeth was a man with goodness in his heart; however, his thirst for money
and power mislead him. Macbeth's ambition led to him becoming the worst part of
himself and eventually led to his inevitable death.
In Act 1, shakespeare made it seem as if Macbeth was a brave and honorable
general who was admired by everyone including Duncan, king of Scotland. In scene # it
was prophesied by the 3 witches that he was going to become King of Thane, leading
up to being the King of Scotland. Macbeth only new the witches were right when Angus
and Ross proved he was King of Thane. He started to become even more ambitious
when he was thinking of killing Duncan for the crown.
Macbeth proved he hasn't gone completely evil by showing in scene 7 that he felt
guilty about his conflict. He wanted to become King, but he wasn't fond of killing the king
because god supposedly chooses them.(line 33- 37). Later in the scene, lady Macbeth
persuades him to go along with the plan to kill Duncan even though he would be
betraying the man who trusted him. Macbeth saw Banquo and Duncan's ghosts
throughout the rest of the play because he felt extremely guilty of their demise.
The witches evil was the basis of this tragedy. They produced this madness by
taking advantage of Macbeth's ambitious nature. Macbeth was too tempted to ignore
the prophecy, ” I have no spur to prick the side of my intent, but only vaulting ambitions,
which o’erleaps and falls on the other.” (sc. 7, Line 25-27). In this quote Macbeth admits
to ambition being the reason for betraying Duncans loyalty and trust.
When Duncan came to visit, Lady Macbeth, made it to where the guards just
turned a blind eye when Macbeth killed Duncan. After Duncan was found dead Macbeth
and his wife became the rulers as foretold by the prophecy. However, when he
murdered Duncan he broke this prophecy because murder is not considered a natural
occurrence, Macbeth had not fulfilled the prophecy.

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