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Language is the foundation around the world through it .We will be able to know the world and be connected with them . my personal opinion, the language is acquisition, not learned .in order to. The child when born he maybe know and hear all that happened when he was in the mother’s belly such as the different sounds.First period the is born we only see him look at us and cry and then smile, This happens as a pattern and then continues with the precocious years .So they will be acquiring the language in stages and at the same time observe every thing that happened. It looks at the envelopes of our characters, our movements and our voices. They gain over the language With Ease and simply. This occur In a spontaneous style because its not assumed to teach. They see his parents Talk to them. This a very active role. monitor those children who never talked can not converse the language. Such as , My cousin cannot talk in position way and do not output the words because no body communicates with him .After the duration of time , his family will relate with him then will provide him with custody about that child need to necessity to discover his first language and With the passage of time The child will change and start his first steps by playing so play is the main factor in the development of the child. While parents do their homework and communicate with the child, they start talking. very simple words such as Baba speak B, Ba, Baa and then Baba and we We’ll know the meaning of the word the child means. , but we’re try to fix it. so it only acquires language and don’t learn when he enters four years old and begin to going to kindergarten start learning his first language by listening to the other kids and practitioners he entertain with them then begin to join and he can talk to them .Then when he goes to school and start to know the first language also focus on grammar. He realize the first language very good and when a period of time passes begin to He will be able to distinguish his first language from the other language (second) in schools at first feels like something strange but gradually learns it gradually And understood through the teachers, activity. So we note that some of them have their basic English language because they grew up with an environment that speaks this language..

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