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Leadership Development Plan
Personal Leadership Development Plan allows me to have a plan for success so that I can become an effective leader. This includes a personal plan of improvement as well as a professional plan for enhancement. The focus of my personal assessment and leadership development plan is to identify the values, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, and actions that will push me to be a more complete leader. This paper is aimed to assess the results of the Live Leadership Simulation and reflect how the results manifest themselves in my life. This paper will also layout a plan of steps for development and explain how I can become a more effective leader. The overall result will be an in-depth leadership development plan so that I can grow as a leader.
The live leadership simulation allows participants to experience first-hand the impact of their actions and behaviors on the environment they create for their teams to do their best work. It creates a bridge between leadership concepts and practical applications. In looking at the results of the live leadership simulation the results vary from what I expected. It appears that I scored highest in assessed skills, pulled from the table (page 4), include: initiative, communication, and teamwork. As opposed to, the lowest scoring assessed skills being decision-making and organizing. This teaching me that my decisions-making and organizing skills are much lower then I initially expected with a gap score of -16 and -43. Knowing and recognizing my weaknesses will only serve to make me better in my duty. I am able to see the areas where work is needed so that I can lead more effectively. These results allow me to greater understand myself. I believe that my low score in organization and decision-making is due to me not always staying focused on the goals I have. Being distracted tends to be the biggest issue I have and this could be harmful in an work environment and cause disruptions to groups as a leader. Strengths too can allow me to consider what it is that I do well so that I can build on these skills. Based on the simulations results I scored highest initiative and communication. Initiative score was the highest with a 46 and I believe this is because I try to always find solutions in situations rather then waiting for others to solve them or ignore then altogether. Other sections that I also had higher scores in where for in-basket activities being: work pace, prioritization, and writing quality. Also results for ethics and leadership being ethical sensitivity. Reviewing these skills and weaknesses allow me reflect on what I can offer, but in-order to improve as a leader it is important that I work out my steps for development.
The next steps in becoming a capable leader are to identify what I can change and work on in-order to advance. My time line for this degree of development is 12 months. I plan on increasing my leadership experience by getting a job. While just getting a job alone my not seem like a very leadership demanding experience, it will allow me to become more independent and responsible. Thus, I can expand and develop more of the basics of leadership. Based on the results from the leadership simulation I also performed poorly with decision-making. A way in which I will improve this is by forcing myself to make decisions on a day-to-day basis. For example deciding how I plan to spend my day, or what I plan to eat, or a number of other miner but important decisions that I make. All of which will help my decision-making skills grow but also taking in-mind intuition, inference, and the ladder of inference which we learned in lecture can allow me to make smarter and more informed decisions in the future. My next plan for development is my organization skills, which personally I did not think I was lacking until I saw the results of the simulation. After reading into some of the details of the ratings it makes me understand my score better. Regardless, organization skills are vital in a good leader and I plan to better this skill by using a personal calendar. This way I can better organize my work and leisure, allowing me to be greater prepared. Goal as a future leader is that this skill will allow my subordinates to look to me to provide clear direction on the day’s job that need to be done, thus enhancing their performance. Lastly, I would like to improve my teamwork and relationship skills. This not being a very weak skill of mine, I still think, from personal evaluation, that it is something I can still improve. I would like to start formulating deeper relationships and I plan to do this by scheduling to do more with friends and acquaintances, such as seeing movies, going to concerts, or attending social gatherings. All of which will help expand my communication skills and help me build relationships. I know that these skills take time to develop, but starting to build on these skills now will be vital for leading in the future. I think these skill should be gained before I am responsible with the task of leading. I want to be well versed and correctly trained in all areas before taking on that responsibility.
As this leadership development plan may seem all well and good, but it serves no purpose if I don’t hold myself accountable for everything I say I am going to do. If I expect to grow as a leader I will need to make sure I am working toward my goal. The first and most important way that I can hold myself accountable is to have others that know my plan. Telling my friends and family who will want me to succeed, is key to keeping me in check and reminding me of the goal. I can also make note of the plan on my phone, sort of like a reminder that I will see daily, to help reenforce the goals. My personal assessment and leadership development plan I identified the values, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, and actions that will push me to be a more complete leader. Overall the result is an in-depth leadership development plan so that I can grow as a leader. My hope that by completing this assessment and creating a plan that I am able to fully stand by it and become an effective leader.

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