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life and found a new meaning and purpose to live his life all over again. the novel has two major parts first part is the beginning of the novel till the murder of the arab and the second part of the novel consists of meursaults trial and his imprisonment. the views of meursault in first part of the novel are seen differently in the second part of the novel. these views are generally based on the time and the world outside. at first when he was free he experienced everything went for swimming movies work in office go out with raymond but he could not find satisfaction and was not able to appreciate the beauty of nature. he remained emotionally indifferent towards people and his mother. whereas during his imprisonment at first he was unsatisfied and the visits of marie were sterile for him and the days spent in cell seems to be totally same for him but slowly he tried to understand the absurdities of life and started accepting the things. the search for truth came to some meaning when he understoodthat death is inevitable and has to be faced by everyone living in this world. then he understood the value of all what he has lived throughout his life and the importance of the things he miss now in prison. with the acceptance of the reality he also found a sense of happiness and peace at his heart. in the stranger the occurrences of heat and light images are seen throughout the novel which could signify the theme of death and conclusion or judgement. the occurrences of the image of heat and light also signify the cross-examination and introspection. all the instances related to heat and light like scorching sunlight during his mothers funeral the sun light which bothers him when he shot the arab the light reflected on the gun that raymond hands over to meursault his anger in magistrates chamber the guilt of meursault proved by the facts of the crime which are as clear as daylight camus 1989: 124 are all seen in the face of the absurd. even the theme of death go hand in hand with the image of heat and light image for example the death of the arab because of the light the bothering heat and sunlight during the procession of his mothers funeral. the existentialist instinct could be seen in the second beach fight where the protagonist meursault shoots the arab with raymonds gun when the arab threatens him with a knife holding it up to meursault. the stranger is seen as a struggle between an individual and the universe as in camus famous philosophical essay myth of sisyphus he gives some fundamental traits of an individual to desire for a life and to find the truth which are restricted by the universe from the individual which makes or force him to get in conflict or revolt against the nature. in the case of meursault the image of sun irritates and annoys meursault. the scorching heat and unbearable blinding presence of sun confuses meursault which results in murdering the arab which could be seen as the revolt of meursault against the nature. meursault was not bothered about the threatening of the arab rather with the heat of the sun as he states the scorching blade slashed at my eyelashes and stabbed at my stinging eyes. camus 1989: 59 it was sun which was bothering meursault like during the funeral of his mother. he didnt shot the arab inhis defense but because of the light of the scorching sun. after the incident he was sent to the prison where he admitted his crime of killing an arab but he was shocked when he was asked if he has hired any attorney he replied i admitted i hadnt and inquired whether it was really necessary to have one. camus 1989: 63 because according to him the case was simple. he already admitted his crime so why would he need an attorney but according to the standards of the society he might need one. no matter if he committed a crime an action accepted the decision he made and is ready to pay for his action even if he had to go to the prison. the imprisonment of meursault could

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