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Literature Review
Crime is an unauthorized act punishable by a state /authority. Based on an abstract from studymoose there are several features that subsidize to corruption in a society. Leaving school and cannot find a job so individuals turn to crime to sustain themselves, like to rob and sale drugs to make a living. Poverty is known to be dominant among Jamaican families especially for single parent families. Which according to sociologist are the main contributors to disjunction in civilization. The lack of education with dominant dropout of both male and female alike. For males, drugs and gang violence and females, teenage pregnancy the common contribution, with little are no financial background and seek assistance and get pregnant in three to four times in the process just to provide for their family.

Abuse will often come into play especially for children that have a violent household, a drug addictive surrounding, face sexual harassments or forced to prostitution to provide for their family. With a low self- esteem of that child he/she will find themselves in situation that is not accepted by the society which they will plunge in the hands of the authority which often periods make situation worst. For the lack of proper justice system that is put in place for troubled individuals. The authorizes does not take the time to grasp the problems of citizens instead thy throw individuals into correctional institutions for months even years while others walk freely which seems unfair to the affected citizens are even unfair to the general public. Which will cause crime to growth and no awareness of resolving problems without stirring up another. In other cases politics, racism television violence and music are also great influence to individuals. Based on the social learning theory (Bandura 1977), which explains behavior in terms of observational knowledge and social reinforcements, situations that environmental impacts and strengthening shape the way you behave regardless of an individual personal traits.
Sociologist E. Durkheim believes that crime is normal part of a civilization and it is essential and indispensable. He accept as true that society needs violence to function normally.

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