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Louizette Sainvil
Prof. Forbes
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20 September 2018
Healthy Foods vs Junk Foods: You Are What You Eat

As a child your parent would say eat healthy foods, and stop eating junk. Well did you know the type of food people eat plays an important role in their everyday lives? In today’s world people are very busy, and on the go they don’t have time to cook. Even on the go people still have health options. When deciding what to eat, they should consider the benefits of eating healthy foods such as the nutrients, and reducing health disease (Nutrients and Health Benefits). Also the downfalls of eating junk foods.

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For the body to function properly in needs proper nutrients. Even though both Healthy foods and Junk foods provide nutrients they are still different. Healthy foods have good Carbohydrates, Protein, and Minerals (Health live and Nutrients and health Benefits). Carbohydrate foods provide the body with energy. Carbonhydrates is made up of two types of carbs complex and simple. Carbs can be found in your fruits, vegetables, and grains. Foods that are high in carbs also supplies in fiber. Fiber is dietary materials contains substance such as cellulose, lignin, and pectin, which are resistant to the action of digestive enzymes (Nutrients and Health Benefits).eating foods that contain fiber helps tour digestive system. Good protein allows the body to build health muscles, cells, and tissues. Good protein also help maintain healthy weight, because protein can’t be stored. Good sources of protein include meat, fish, eggs, beans and nuts. The most important nutrient of the all are minerals. Without minerals your body become weak and breakdown. Minerals are what builds the immune system and fight infections. One good minerals is calcium. Calcium help build the bones in the body. Studies have also showed beside calcium that vitamin D aids in protecting the body against Heart Disease and Diabetes.

On the other hand Junk food is more than just bad. Junk food is over processed and the nutrients in them become less healthy. Eating hamburgers, French fries, and pizza may proteins, but they only satisfy hunger, leaving the body low on carbohydrates. Junk food also provide little amounts in proteins, and minerals causing the body to feel extremely fatigue and lack of energy (Health and Wellness). Junk foods contain MSG that is bad for the body. MSG is monosodium salt of glutamate, which contains sodium salt of glutamic and amino acids.MSG it’s a popular food additive to enhance the food flavoring (MSG Monosodium). Junk food also cause health disease. When people consume too much calories the body began to form fats and store in the wrong areas causing obesity and heart disease. Being obese also weaken bones and make it hard for the body to function.

The food cost and choice people make plays a major impact on maintain a healthy diet. Whether on the go or at a local supermarket health food are three times more costly than junk foods. Study shows that healthy foods cost a $1.50per day per persons than junk foods. It may not seem like a lot of money, but that’s an average of $2,200 per year for an average family of four (Healthy food are expensive so what). Junk foods are so much cheaper because they are over processed and have no real nutrients in them. Look on the bright side even though healthy food cost more in the long run. For many families it means lower health care (healthy food are expensive so what).

In conclusion, even though both health food and junk foods provide carbohydrates, protein and minerals that the body needs, they are still different. Choosing to eat healthier foods will reduce health disease. Also provide the body with healthy mineral and energy need on a daily base. While junk foods doesn’t process and cause people to be obese. When deciding what to eat don’t forget to think about the downfalls of junk foods and the benefits of eating healthy foods. You are what you eat. Don’t just eat food because it taste delicious or easy to pick up while on the go.

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