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Many modern people for absolutely unknown reasons oppose natural products of “chemistry”. It should be clarified: everything in our universe consists of chemical elements. And we will be convinced of this by preparing … ordinary homemade yogurt.

Ingredients and equipment
Casserole, culinary thermometer, ceramic bowl, 3 cups of 2% milk, 3 tablespoons of live yogurt with active bacterial culture, 4 tablespoons skimmed milk powder.

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Progress of the experiment
Heat the milk over low heat until it is warm. The milk temperature should not be above 40 degrees Celsius. Then remove the pan from the fire.

Using a whisk, dilute yoghurt and milk powder in the milk. Stir until there are no lumps left in the mass.

Pour the mixture into a ceramic bowl and put it in a warm place for 4-6 hours. Where to find a warm place? You can use a large pot of warm water. Water should be changed periodically. Its temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. During the preparation of yogurt should not be mixed. After six hours you will find that the yogurt has become quite dense.

Put yogurt in the fridge and there it will become even thicker. After another three hours, your homemade yogurt will be ready. You can sweeten it with honey or maple syrup.

Chemistry of the process
When you put a bacterial culture into the milk, the bacteria begin to regain the natural sugar, called lactose, in the milk. The product of the life of bacteria is lactic acid, which makes this delicious drink slightly sour.

Proteins in milk “stick together”, and the mass becomes thick. The temperature plays a huge role in the whole process of cooking homemade yogurt . If it is too high, bacteria can die. After all, they are living beings.

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