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Maria Montessori is well known for developing The Montessori Pedagogy. This pedagogy focuses on a child-centred learning approach that is based on scientific observations of children within the four planes of development that spans from birth to adulthood. The Montessori Method is tantamount with Pre Primary education but has also gained momentum in Elementary education.
Dr. Montessori was an early feminist and an advocate of women’s rights. Her pedagogy has been almost unchanged and has the original essential features.
Schools that follow the Montessori Pedagogy are growing worldwide and shows evidence of how the method can be adapted according to historical, cultural and socio-economic environments. Dr. Montessori emphasised The Prepared Environment, The Child and The Adult, in her teachings, maintaining that the three are interlinked with each other.
She believed that each child has the unique potential for growth and development that is waiting to be revealed. These human potentials together with the sensitive periods that Dr. Montessori mentioned, is optimally developed by allowing The Child the freedom to explore and manipulate his environment. She believed The Adult’s role is that of a scientific observer, who is in the continuous process of adapting The Environment in order to cater for his needs, based on the stage of development he may find himself in. Her role is to entice The Child and then step into the shadows and watch his development unfold, stepping in only when deemed absolutely necessary. Dr. Montessori not only focused on the cognitive development of The Child, but placed emphasis on his emotional, physical and spiritual development as well that ensures for his development in a holistic manner.
Dr. Montessori emphasised respect, independence, individuality, freedom and autonomy in her pedagogy and was increasingly convinced that education should start in the early years of life. She further believed that the role of education was to build a society that oozed justice and peace.
Let us now look at the different aspects during her life that influenced her pedagogy.

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