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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.
111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Marry Brown is a first local fast food franchise that is well established by Datuk Lawrence and Datin Nancy Liew. One of the strength is they have variety of food products such as burgers, chicken rice and porridge, mostly offers food with local twist. They provided high standards food with affordable price, it’s also give consumer a wide range of choices to satisfy their demand and customer would like to return back again. However, their service quality has also make a lot of customer be loyal to their products and maintaining a goodwill. Marrybrown is the World’s Largest Halal QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) from Malaysia, mostly Islamic consumer. Recently, marrybrown is the leading home-based Halal fast food restaurant chain with a global market of over 250 franchises and also looking to enlarge it’s market out of Malaysia especially Asian countries which have population of at least 500 million people, mainly Muslim countries.

In several factors, Marrybrown comes out with their own weaknesses that we discovered. The main point is they weak in targeting customers, they didn’t focus more on specific group of people and this can leads to the problem on promotion. Marrybrown also has low reach out to its target audience due to lack of promotion. A wide range of targeted customers led to the difficulty of gaining customer’s attention. Beside that, it is also having a poor positioning on their products such as their nasi lemak are not positioned in people’s mind. Most of us would prefer the stalls with original taste rather than Marrybrown’s. Furthermore, they also weak in designing website because when customers log in to view, their information is less and people started to feel bored. It only shows the promotion product without further details like price, duration and valid time.

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There is a large percentage of market in Malaysia that Marrybrown can still explore. Nowadays, there is a rapid growth in tourism. Kuala Lumpur, a city state, is now becoming the metropolitan area, more than 10 million tourists visiting yearly. This is a good sign and opportunity for Marrybrown to create more branches in new places. Moreover, there is also an opportunities on producing more innovative products by using the advanced technology today to attract more and more customers in love with their fast foods. Their business processes can be shortened and services can be improved too. Next, there is significant growth opportunity with a new distribution channels as consumers are requiring greater convenience when purchasing. Marrybrown can have more branches in urban area where consumers demanding more such as shopping mall, universities, hospitals, and any other high-traffic areas.

Marrybrown faced a lot of competitor from International fast food restaurant like Old Town, KFC, Wendy’s, McDonald and any middle-range of sit-down restaurants. This intense competition provides consumer with best product at the lowest price leads to squeezing of margins. Moreover, Health issues becoming a concern to people and thus reducing intake of fast food. Marrybrown faces threat as the world is facing more obesity problems. Customers may turn to alternative and shift their demand to more healthy and fresh foods, avoiding all fried items. Furthermore, the declining economy is also affecting the sales and profit in Marrybrown. As many things went more expensive compare to previous, disposable incomes that spend on eating out become lesser. Thus, there will be less sales and profits obtained.

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