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Media today has become a fourth pillar of state. Media is playing an important role in developing a country. Media has become a major source of information for people of any class or area of country. Media either print, electronic or social media; all are playing a role to create awareness amongst people of country. In between all these positive aspects media is playing a major negative role in Pakistani society. Apart from its positive aspects media has been playing a negative role since its birth in Pakistan in imparting a wrong image of our country; a muslin country to the outside world. Today wars are not won by battling with arms, the new trend of winning a war or destroying other country is to use media as a source to destroy a country. Our enemies are imparting their culture amongst us and our nation by using social and electronic media as a tool. By showing western dramas and films on our channels we ourselves are leading our nation towards destruction .Under the label of feminism and women emancipation, media is promoting immodesty and shamelessness in our society. Media today under the label of independence of women is portraying women as a mere product for selling. Media is only promoting extremism .As media has displayed Islam and Muslims as extremists in outer world ,Muslim all over the world are becoming victims of this expression. Any woman wearing a hijab or covering her face is taken as an extremist or is believed to be belonging to a terrorist’s organization. Why all terrorists are considered muskims? Why not the nuns of Christians and Jews are considered extremists? Has anyone ever thought about it??It is all related to how media represents Muslims .media today is doing mind manipulation. It is manipulating the minds of common public through its writings and productions. In this era of cold war…media is the one and only tool most required to win a war. What I have conclude from all these observations is that media today is more a tool of destruction rather than promotion of a country. In short and simple statement,
Media is more of a curse than cure in today’s world and situation.

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