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Model Scenario
The learning theory that best fits the content and purpose for this model of teaching is Constructivism. This theory focuses on gaining knowledge from interactions, experiences and ideas obtained from a group. The lesson I have planned represents this view because it allows the students to use prior knowledge of travel/money/park experiences and gaining knowledge from others about the project at hand. Students will be able to listen to each other about prior trips and experiences while taking the good and maximizing it while hearing the negative and correcting it. Constructivism sets up great with cooperative learning because it allows the students to learn from one another, teach one another and add to previous knowledge through research and new information. Constructivism is maximized in groups because the students are able to access prior knowledge from a wide variety of sources. The students in my class come from various backgrounds and all have different accounts of experiences and life styles. Grouping up students whom have traveled a lot with students whom have never left the county is a huge learning experience for both involved.
Name: Timothy Poole
Subject/Specific Content: Grade/Level (s): 9-12 resource
Length of Lesson: 3 days/ 270 minsInstructional Objective (s): Students will be able to manage time, money and resources in planning a road trip based off of real life places, expenses and travel based on a budget provided.

State Content Standard / Benchmark / Grade Level Expectations: Management of available funds, time and resources while living independently post graduation. Lesson will assess the student’s ability to manage money, plan for time and use available resources to plan a successful trip based off of a real world scenario.

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Materials/Resources: calculators, paper, pens, highlighters, maps, price list of gas, food, entry fee etc. promethean board and Microsoft excel.

Model of Teaching: Cooperative Learning
Procedures: The use of cooperative learning for this assignment allows each student to participate fully, with a high level of success, by being paired with other students with varying disabilities. The stronger math students will lead the calculating part, the stronger readers will lead the researching part, while all of them will have a hand in the presentation part. Each group will be assigned a different them park in America. Disney World, Busch Gardens and Six Flags are the primary destinations. Each group was given a budget, a time frame and a set of resources to make this road trip successful. They were all to leave from the high school address to plan their trip. Each group had a different budget, time frame but all of the same resources. The reason for different money and time was some some of the places were farther away which would change gas, stoppage time, travel time and amount packed. Each group will be given computer time to research admission fees to each park, calculate gas mileage of the vehicle chosen, future weather conditions and map quest to gauge time. Each group member lead a particular category but was to assist with another so they could each lead and assist a major part of the project. After all information was obtained the group was to map out, time manage, cost analyze, pack supplies/luggage and present to the class their project. As the project is being presented with graphs and using the promethean board, the other students may ask questions, present problems and critique the plan. The presenting group should be able to justify each decision made as well as trouble shoot the problems that should arise. At the end the group should have totals of elapsed time, money spent, supplies leftover/forgotten and things they would change. The groups should be able to stay within the budget, time frame and pack according to the weather and length of trip.
Closure: Students will be given a real life scenario that takes a a group to plan (family vacation). While completing this assignment the students will encounter real life problems and obstacles that need to be handled so that a real trip will be successful. The students will be able to apply this to their lives post graduation and actually use this plan in the future while living independently.
Assessment: After the students complete the project we will explore just how successful their trip was by comparing their calculations to actual calculations of time, supplies packed, money and use of resources to make the trip successful. The students will also be graded on their brainstorming, editing and locating information techniques observed throughout the lesson.
Modifications: All of my students have special needs in one way or another. Cooperative Learning groups almost makes those disabilities disappear when partnered with peers with opposing strengths. Weaker readers will be with stronger readers. Weaker math students will be paired with stronger math students.
Technology: Calculators will be used to calculate elapsed time as well as to manage money. The promethean board will be used for a visual presentation and the computer will be used to access Microsoft Excel to print out a spread sheet and access real time price lists.

Post-Lesson Reflection: This lesson is perfect for using Collaborative Learning because it allows the students to lean on one another, brainstorm together, maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses while solving a real life scenario. It is very appropriate because it is working on math, reasoning, planning, locating information for post graduation life. Most of my students don’t go on to college. The real world meets them as soon as they graduate so this project will get them ready to adhere to a budget, time frames, locating info and troubleshoot while planning. Using my class for this assignment is great because there are less restrictions pertaining to moving about the classroom and communicating.

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