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More than 375 (three hundred seventy five) million people are native English speakers, mostly from countries where English is their main and official languages such as the UK, the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. But as many as 1.5 billion use it to some extent. English is the most influential in the world by far, making one of the most important languages.
For one, English is the lingua franca in many parts of the world so if you are able to speak English, it would be much easier to communicate with people from all over the world and travel easily. If you are a business person, knowing English helps you to be a world-class businessman ’cause all business today is international.
Thirdly, having a good level of English will definitely boost your employment potential. If you have a 7.0 IELTS certificate for example, chances for a well-paid work will certainly possible. Like job applications, one of the best benefits of learning English is the educational opportunities. If you desire to access to some of the best schools like Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge or MIT, then knowing English provides you with an incredible edge (= a slight advantage).
One other significant benefit of learning English is that you will be able to access to 55% of the content available on the web today. But it’s just on the Internet. Most of the valuable educational content like books created by outstanding teachers and researchers now are all written in English, too. And it’s absolutely amazing that learning English gives you access to almost all knowledge available. On top of that, if you are interested in something, you can read about it in English on any subject, from all over the world!
(So) I’m sure you know Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or PowerPoint. If you don’t know much English then you could still use these tools OK (because you have been taught how to use them or it’s familiar to you). But with a high-level English learner, everything will be very easy for them even they have never learned to use them, they can find it out themselves! It’s clear that with English, you can use your computer more effectively, you can teach yourself everything and gain knowledge about many aspects of life.
The number of English speakers around the world has been on the rise for many years, with the current number approaching 2 billion, according to some estimates. The fact that so many people (is) now using English as either a first or second language indicates that English is likely to remain a globally dominant language (ngôn ng? chi?m ?u th?/ th?ng tr? toàn c?u) for many years to come. And that’s the importance of English.

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