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More than 44.2 million of America’s college students have more than $1.48 trillion of student loan debt (U.S. 2). Students are in debt, because of the increases of college tuitions. They also have trouble with paying the loans back. Then, after college they have trouble getting a job in their degree. There is a student loan crisis, because of the increase in college tuition, resulting in debt and lack of job placement.
Colleges increase their tuition every year, so they can receive money to shape their student body. For example, University of California in 2017 raised their tuition 9.6 percent (The Real 15). When the college raises their tuition, the result is students trying to find ways to pay for classes with either a scholarship, a job, or a student loan. Some people believe it is a myth, because you can get scholarships to help you pay for your classes (Allan 4).  Not all students qualify for scholarships, so they try to get jobs to pay for their classes, but the jobs do not pay enough to compensate for the high tuition cost; they work long hours and this prevents them from putting all their focus on their studies (Delisle 6). Then finally, when the job is not compensating for the tuition cost, they apply for student loans. The loan pays the rest of the tuition needed, however with all loans you have to pay it back. They are still in school, having to pay for other classes, and have to take out more loans, so when they graduate they have a ton of students loans they need to pay off.
Student loan crisis is a true thing, it is not a myth. Students get loans to help pay for their tuition. When they get the loan it is only the tuition amount for their classes; however, they end up paying more than they borrowed, because the truth is the loan has interest that keeps making the amount go up. Some people believe there is no crisis and people can easily pay back their loans when they get out of college (Allan 5). Blair Green Thielemier took out $65,000 in student loans and in 4 years she still had $35,000 to pay back. While paying for her loan, the interest was 6.3 percent resulting in her only paying half of the amount borrowed in 4 years (Pitsker 1).
Statistics state that 53 percent of graduates are unemployed or not using the degree they graduated with (Lewis 3). After you graduate you are excited and want a job in the field you just studied in, because you need to pay off the student loans you borrowed, in order to take the classes. Once you find a job in your field you are not making enough to pay off the student loans, so then you try to make arrangements with the student loan company. For example, you defer your payments for a certain amount of time. While you are not paying the loan, the amount is increasing, because of the interest on the loan, so instead of paying off $35,000, you are now going to have a payoff amount around $55,000.
The average student pays their complete loan off in 21 years even though the standard repayment plan is 10 years (Bidwell 3). The increase in college tuition causes most of a students debt; they receive loans to pay classes and have problems paying them back. When they graduate they cannot get a job in their degree, so they cannot pay off their loans. I believe there is a student loan crisis, because of the continuous increase in college tuition, student loan debt and not being able to find a job in their degree.

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