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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.
111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

My interest towards nursing first stemmed from when I attended a talk given by two nurses from the NHS in which I got to hear first-hand their inspiring stories. I continued to look into the role of nursing and saw that the course opens doors to other areas for me to explore, and I would like to use this course as a basis to further my studies. I appreciate that being a child nurse is a very demanding career and that it is not just about the younger patients but also about supporting families, however, I know the rewards I would reap from it would be fruitful. I have seen first-hand the devotion the nurses have for patients and their families as my own siblings suffer from severe illnesses and over the past two years I have accompanied them weekly to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Their care is the main reason for me being so encouraged to train in this field.

I currently study BTEC Extended Diploma in Applied Science, which has allowed me to gain a practical hands-on experience of science. I have researched into the different views of the public on science, picked out my own topics of interest to explore, and learnt how to go through many types of resources and present the data in my own words. It has been a very demanding course, helping me keep organised and punctual.

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I have taken on several jobs which have given me experience working with young people. The diplomacy and empathy I have acquired has helped me in further appreciating the role of a child nurse. As a volunteer at Westwood Kindergarten, it was part of my duties to ensure the safety of the children. I assisted members of staff with those who were challenging and others who needed the extra assistance, which ensured that the children in our care were looked after in the best possible way. It was a demanding role as one of three carers to 10 children. I also liaised with the parents where I needed to put into practice my skills of diplomacy and compassion. This role allowed me to provide individualised service and care, understanding that every child and situation is unique.

I have also worked as a member of a team volunteering at Oldham Library. In a month-long campaign, we worked to encourage children to get involved in the Summer Reading Challenge. I often had to speak to parents to explain to them what the challenge consisted of and how they could get involved with their child. Working at the library, I needed good communication skills. I interacted daily with people from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds and from a wide range of age groups. This role allowed me to gain an understanding that when working with children, a softer approach is necessary. For example, when a child was shy and wary, I spoke with the parents, explaining the positives of getting involved. By doing so, this coerced the child to approach me with questions and in the end signing up for the challenge.

I have chosen your university to study at due to its fantastic academic and employability record which exemplifies the quality of the course. I had attended the open day and thoroughly enjoyed myself, looking around at the areas in which I may find myself in next year studying, and was enthralled by the state-of-the-art facilities. I would love to get involved with one of the many societies at the university, particularly involving sports. Outside of my volunteer work and current studies I exercise several times a week in my college gym and play team sports including rounders and badminton.

Overall, I believe I am meant for taking this course as I am dedicated and possess the qualities needed to be a children’s nurse. I believe I will be able to further develop my knowledge, skills, and abilities over the next three years of study, whilst working to the highest standard at one of the most valued universities known in our country. I cannot wait to pursue my ambitions at your university.

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