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My Speech (Sports Injuries)
Imagine if every athlete never got injured playing their sport. To be honest, that will never be a reality. Most student athletes don’t think of the about the outcome of their recklessness whilst they are playing sport.
should we care about injuries in sport? We don’t tend to think about them until we have them, and by then it’s too late. The real question here is: do we prevent injuries? I believe that the answer to this question is education. Why education you ask? Education is fundamental in moving forwards as a species. It helps us better ourselves in our quest for greatness, and unlike treatment, will stick with you for a long time. Studies show that each year 49,000 rugby player get injured, and surgeons say that we could reduce this number by 25% if players took preventative measures, that’s around 12 and a half thousand people that could be saved if we just started learning.

Our goal is to see a reduced amount of kids and adults alike getting wounded playing sport. Even if we only see a decrease of 1000 people getting hurt, that means that 1000 more people get the chance to play sport. To me, that sounds like a change. From my experience at school, i have found that most kids want to play sport, and that means that the more people we educate, the more people that get the chance to play the sport that they love. Throughout my life, I have played numerous different sports, and in each sport, had at least one injury. The worst injury that I have ever been on the receiving end of was a broken arm, which was entirely my fault, because I was being stupid, but if had the chance to go back and change something, It would be stopping my arm from getting broken, by learning the proper technique, and not try

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One of the worst injuries that you can recieve in sport is a concussion. Concussions are terrible, because they are mild brain injuries. The effects of these injuries are: Memory problems, trouble concentrating, and worst of all, depression, although most concussions don’t lead that far, 1 in 5 still do. A recent survey showed that one of the best ways to reduce concussion was to have fun playing the sport! How crazy is that?! All you have to do stop brain injuries is to have fun! To me, that sounds like a win – win situation, because you get to have fun, and at the same time reduce the potential risk, so you get to have even more fun!

With all that being said, the more time an athlete spends learning their game, and doing warm-ups, the better they will behave, and will therefore decrease their chance of being injured.

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