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Nanomagnets for Data Storage
S. Pavan
Critical Thinking

Firstly, Nano means one billionth of something. Nano Science means study of manipulation of structure like atoms, molecules etc, and materials. The technology manipulating the material for fabrication of macroscale. The application of nanoscience to “practical device” is called Nano technology.
Nanomagnet for data storage research is targeted towards achieving ultrahigh density data storage with nanoscale magnets while maintaining thermal stability. The most common Nano storage devices today are based on FRAM, or ferroelectric access memory. In FRAM devices, data are stored using electric fields inside a capacitor. Industry buzz is rising around MRAM, or magnetic RAM, where data are stored not electrically but magnetically. Research is being going on this Christophe a professor at laboratory of inorganic Chemistry at ETH Zurich, and his team developed a molecule with a dysprosium atom at its centre. It is developing all throughout the world. Already non-volatile memory devices are discovered like hard disc, magnetic tape, floppy disc etc, Still, scientist are working on this data storage in human being. DNA(nm) is also a data storage in our body. It will improve in future. I have researched on how the computer and human being storing data. I have research in biology side how molecules stores in medicine. The report is totally about how huge data stored in small device.
My role in this group project work is “Critical Thinking” of my project (Nanomagnets for data storage). The importance of this role is to analysis everything happening in the project. and thinking alternative ways to know about the project. I gain more knowledge in thinking innovatively and I think I am good at thinking I choose this role. i am able to research which is full of energy and shows new ways to learn new things.
Critical Thinking: Coming to topic Nanomagnet for data storage. It has Many benefits of nanotechnology depend on the fact that it is possible to tailor the structures of materials at extremely small scales to achieve specific properties, thus greatly extending the materials science toolkit. Using nanotechnology, materials can effectively be made stronger, lighter, more durable, more reactive, more sieve-like, or better electrical conductors, among many other traits. Many everyday commercial products are currently on the market and in daily use that rely on nanoscale materials. It makes our life easier. Huge number of particles form a single molecule.

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Silicon based materials cannot get much smaller because they have nearly reached their physical size in nanoscale. For continual improvement in computer speed and efficiency. Scientist expect will slow down unless viable, alternate technology is identified.
While I am researching about Nano magnets for data base I got a question that Can I transform data without using electric current? I got a way that computation and transmission of data are accomplished using magnetic field instead of electric current. It is only know as NML(Nano Magnet Logic) .”NML-based circuits process information by manipulating states of single-domain nanomagnets coupled to their nearest neighbour through magnetic dipole interactions” says David, professor of electrical engineering and computer science at university California-Berkeley.
The state variable is magnetization direction and computations can take place without passing an electric current. This makes them extremely attractive as a replacement for conventional transistor. One applications for nanomagnets in microcontrollers, like those used for low-power, real-time control systems. Those based on NML will ultimately be very low power, be radiation hard, operate at reasonable high temperatures, and when switched off will still retain their state. These are also ideal properties of robotic systems.
I got a question how nanomagnets for data base is useful in our daily life??? Our body contains DNA(3nm) that is one of the storage device in our body i.e., it is stores our genius from generation. 5.5 petabits of data, around 700 terabytes in as single gram of DNA. So, it also work as data storage device in our body. In application of recording media like magnetic media, tape media, optical media, floppy media etc., which all are related to non-volatile data storage.
It is interesting that Nano wires also stores the data. Racetrack memory is an experimental form of storage that stores data as a series of magnetic domains in a nanowire, using electrical currents to ‘push’ the domains past a read element. Racetrack memory would have a higher storage than comparable solid state device combined with more rapid write performance and lower energy consumption. Battery also stores data but it is too large for that nanogenerator are useful which works on basis of piezoelectric effect, where mechanical stress is converted to electric current.
output of Nano generator Vmax = ¾(k1+k2)e33 – 2(1+v)e15-2ve31a^3/l^3(max)
Here, not only positive things will happen but also some negative things. Electronic device which stores data emits EMRelectromagnetic radiation, which causes health problems like decreasing production of hormone, melatonin etc. But I got a solution for this, Radiation is exponentially stronger the closer you are to. According to the physics, inverse square law intensity inversely proportional to distance. So, increase your distance from sources, Use wired accessories, Use radiation shield etc.,

Learning Outcomes:
I learn that how our work simply completed in small device in less time and easier way. It’s very astonished that a big data storage device change into small storage device in Nano technology. I come to know different possibilities of devices. Their positive things and negative things of Nanomagnets for data storage. And how possible i can solve the problem hazardous things happened by Nanomagnets for data storage.

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