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Negerito:A member of a person belonging to a group of dark-skinned peoples of small/short stature that live in Oceania and Southeast-Asia.The Negrito’s consists of six different tribes which are Kensiu,Kintak,Lanoh,Jahai,Mendriq and Bateq.

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The Kensiu are only found in Kampung Lubok,Legong,Kedah.Due to racial prejudice among neighbouring people groups the Kensiu have decided to avoid contact with the public.While the Government has tried to interfere with the Kensiu community,this not only caused difficulty to their community but is also a traumatic transition for them as well.There is very little activity among their settlements and most of their structures are in very dilapited conditions.Their main source of income is trading forest products such as rare wood,resins,honey and herbs in exchange for necessities such as salt,knives,tobacco etc.The Kensiu do not allow marriage with outsiders.They only allow their Kensiu cousins from Thailand or people within the Kintaq community.Those who marry outsiders will be evicted from the village.Ancient beliefs still remain strong within their community

The Kintak reside at the outer edges of the districts of Gerik,Hulu Perak.They lived a nomadic life back in the old days to find suitable food sources.Due to serious attention given by the Government towards the Indigenous communities,the Kintak have modernized their style of living so that they are on par with the modern world.They also take part in professional fields such as wide or blue-collared services.They are free to marry with whom they desire on the condition that the married couple agree to build their place for living and shelter.They belief in the Tok Batin’s powers.They fear the Tok Batin’s powers because they believe that his powers are unbeatable,extraordinary and maintained.

Once known as Sabub,the Lanoh have settlements scatteres in the northern regions of Perak especially in the Lenggong district.The Lanoh’s used to be hunter-gatherers.The caves were used as shelters during hunting trips.They also drew on cave walls using charcoal and made pictures by carving limestone rock.Now most of them work in rubber and oil palm plantations.The Lanoh people believe in naturalism such as all animals captured in the forest are not allowed to suffer in pain during captivity.

The Jahai have various settlements in northeastern Perak and northwestern Kelantan.Just like the Lanoh’s,the Jahai used to be hunter-gatherers as well.When the Government launched the Temenggor Dam,their community was flooded.Due to the damage done,Jabatan Hal-Ehwal Orang Asli(JHEOA)which is know known as Jabatan Kemajuan Orang Asli(JAKOA)decided to promise the Jahai peoples with new houses,tarred roads,electricity,amenities,agricultural opportunities and monetary compensation.Their houses are made from bamboo,wood and bertam leaf attap.Their main source of income is gathering forest products such as petai,rattan and medicinal herbs.The Jahai practice three religions,Animism,Islam and Christanity.

The Mendriq community reside around the edges of Kuala Lah,Gua Musang,Kelantan.They were initially Normadic but resettlement projects have taken away their identity and history and also economic security.They used to scout for food,fruits and also gather forest reserves for medical use.In the present day,they grow cash crops but struggle to make enough income for food and other necessities because of competition of the produce.This has caused their diet to deteriorate,thus causing malnutrition among their community.The Mendriq are animists.They believe in the forces of the jungle and strongly fear the spirits of dead ancestors and killed animals.

The Bateq have various settlements in Kelantan,Terengganu and Pahang.Their main source of survival is through a combination of hunting and gathering wild foods and trading forest products such as rattan and resin wood for food,tobacco and manufactured goods.They are a nomadic community where most of them move between three villages every six months.The women tend crops while the men hunt mousedeer,monkeys,gibbons,birds and harvest bamboo.The Bateq community are animists and they disown their people who have converted to Islam.

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