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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.
111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

New Belgium Brewery Founder Jeff Lebesch and co-founder and his spouse Kim Jordon started the company in their basement in 1991 with a meagre investment after they were refused a loan. They used their station wagon to deliver the beer and because they were producing quality beer they quickly got a recognition and they started generating a meagre profit which help them outgrew the basement. With the profit they were able to move to another location in a railroad depot where in 1995 they built a state of the art custom brewing facility. I thought that Jeff and Kim operated the company very well and in 1996 they implemented an open management system which meant that the employees were directly involved in operating the company. They facilitated some training to the employees so that they understand how all the financials work and how they can sustain better.
The owners believed that understanding the financials helped the employees pay closer attention to their own job responsibilities and they learned and came up with solutions that helped to run the company better. After a person is employed for a year they were given some share of the company and were treated as shareholder. This gave them a vested interest in seeing that the company advanced and progressed more and they started to have a say in the overall course of the company. They started to find themselves working with the owners rather than for them. From the very beginning, New Belgian Breweries focus was on quality over quantity. For continuous improvement the management recruited Production managers and experts from outside the craft-brewing community. As they reshaped and restructured the manufacturing practices and recognise strategies with the best returns and highest impact, they were very cautious not to jeopardize staff involvement.
Quality assurance is pertinent element of the Operations Management. As the employees of the NBBC became more professional they ensured that the quality of the plant is monitored closely. Thorough process is placed to examine the practices. Although it is very difficult to ensure and maintain the quality of the product consistently the operations management of New Belgian Brewery made sure that the quality stayed the same despite all its growth over the time. They did not compromise on the quality even though the quality of their raw materials or inputs might have varied. They made sure that the entire brewing process from collecting and gathering the raw materials to brewing and bottling all are closely monitored. To maximize the productivity, they were utilizing and investing more on state of the art cutting edge technology. They ensured that the new technology they used are very efficient and environment friendly but does not compromise the quality of their product. The business model they implemented was very compassionate to cater the highest quality and used the natural resources of the earth efficiently.
In sustaining healthy financial New Belgium has also been very effective. They were profitable despite their societal and eco-friendly efforts. The reason for New Belgium’s success are the company’s essential standard, values & beliefs that are intertied with its structure and backing at the executive level. In this company everything is delegated as far down the chain of command as possible making it known as a decentralized organization. Since higher employee involvement is part of the companies culture the employees do not need to seek approval from managers in case they need to implement a change as soon as possible. As the employees are the shareholders the more profit it makes the more beneficial it becomes for the employees. So, each meeting the employees gets more involved and provides feedback from their own roles and perspective and makes decisions in his or her own role that affects New Belgium’s profitability. The smallest little things add up and makes a big difference eventually. Overall this system helps create a magical vibe in the environment of the company and the employees are happier and works harder towards the greater benefit of the company and helps create a eco friendly environment which is good for the nature.

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