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Not long after freedom of the nation Sonali Bank rose as the biggest and driving Nationalized Commercial Bank by declaration of the Banks’ Nationalization Order 1972 (Presidential Order-26) exchanging the then National Bank of Pakistan, Premier Bank and Bank of Bhwalpur.

As a completely state claimed establishment, the bank had been releasing its country building duties by attempted government depended diverse financial plans and also currency showcase exercises of its own volition, covering all circles of the economy.

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It has 1205 branches all finished Bangladesh through which it completes all its managing an account exercises. Credit administration is a significant piece of SBL, as a result of its significance for limiting credit hazard and expanding abundance of the Bank.

The targets of the investigation have been plot to know the diverse sorts of credit plans, loaning method and endorsement process, credit evaluation administration process, distinguish issues identified with credit administration, and make a few proposals to take care of those issues of SBL.

The report is isolated in various parts. The principal section contains presentation, foundation, scope, targets, technique and impediments of the investigation. The second section contains the outline of Sonali Bank Limited in subtle elements.

In the third part, the examination of credit administration arrangement of Sonali Bank Limited is portrayed profoundly. In those portrayals diverse kinds of credit plots, the loaning method and endorsement process, credit dispensing process, documentation framework, ventures of hazard appraisal, chance administration process and devices of hazard administration are featured with Credit observing and recuperation process. Section four discoveries, suggestions and conclusion. In this entire report the talk about the credit administration arrangement of Sonali Bank Limited are composed in well ordered.

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