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Nowadays drug abuse is each day becoming a bigger and more present issue in society. Dejectedly, we are highly exposed to those substances on a daily basis. The stimulant medicines have been taking over man of any age upon the most diverse reasons throughout the years. Before moving on, we have to what actually understand what is drug abuse. The main concept is the desire to obtain any non-permissive substance.People use drugs as a escape from their reality. it is the self administration of a drug and the use with non-medical reasons. The addiction to drugs may result in physical, emotional and social issues, as the disease affects your brain and behavior. The addiction to drugs, makes it very challenging to resist the urge to use them, no matter how much harm the drugs may cause.why do you think drugs can be so harmful for humanity?

Global perspective

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Drug abuse is a constant and extremely present issue world wide. Lately, there has been a huge increase in daily drug usage. To fully understand the cause of how these increase on drug usage occurred, firstly we have to understand its background and how it turned into this big of a problem. Is the current war against drugs really effective
Over 40 years ago, the US president, Richard Nixon declared drug abuse and the war against it his ‘public enemy number one’. Nixon was the first president to bring up the issue on drug abuse and how big it was and still is. In 1973 the president created the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), which was the start of war on drugs. according to Richard Nixon’s ex aid, firstlly his aim was to slowly criminalize the use of drugs in order to gain an excuse to jail opponents of Nixon’s government, mainly the African American Rights movement and the anti-war, hippie movement (Lobianco, 2016).
Despite the war had already began, it just effectively happened with the presidency of Ronald Reagan, who was the one that actually put a start to the war on drugs and its criminalization.
As the united states was the source and the beginning of all the war against drugs, the nation decided to spread their drug policy abroad.
Nowadays, The ways in which each country defines crime are very different, consequently, the issue on drug abuse and how the anti drugs conflict is treated, differentiates from country to country.
From a global perspective, it is clear to see that each nation treats drugs and the conflict on it differently. for example, there are places where drugs are treated more harshly and severely, whilst there are others where drugs can even be legalized and used normally in daily basis. The world wide current war on drugs does not seem to be very effective, and that is because

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