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Nuclear Weapons
Nuclear weapons have been a huge cause of concern dating back to the first one dropped on the day of August 6, 1945 in world war 2 on the city of Hiroshima in Japan. Which caused instant people to die because of other decisions. To this day it’s still a problem with nuclear threats from North Korea which comes up to the question should nuclear weapons be used for destruction?
No, nuclear weapons shouldn’t be used for destruction because of the consequences that could happen after the blast. To start off why are nuclear weapons so bad and why I’m against is because people that have the power to control the weapons wouldn’t use it for the right thing such as destruction to other countries that they have problems or if they aren’t getting along which wouldn’t fix things. It would cause more problems maybe not in the time it happened but in the future, would causes problems such as productions like for instance China. China is known for making products then sends them out for others to use when bought from china. If china was nuked it would either slow down or kill the production that which wouldn’t help us at all. Another bad thing about using nuclear weapons is the fallout after survivors would lose their homes, instant people die for no reason and you will lose a huge chunk of the population which isn’t good because you lose ideas or new developments to medicine.
The world needs each other to keep things normal such as for instance India one day was nuked what would be lose? We would lose resources such foods, machinery, technology and medicine we could lose all of this over a person who was heated to the point they thought destruction was acceptable. But as time goes on you would see that it was worthless because you won nothing out of it. If china were to be nuked we would lose a lot of production since china is known for creating products to be distributed we would lose a lot of that which brings me to my point why we shouldn’t use nuclear weapons to destroy thing over anger

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