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One contributing factor to people becoming obese is that they do not realize it is happening to them. This is because people gain weight gradually and not all of a sudden. Since eating is blissful and satisfying to them they do not take gaining weight seriously. But is isn’t too long until they realize they have gain so much unhealthy weight that disrupts their health. This is when they will regret their unhealthy eating habits which cost them their health.
This leads me to my next solution to preventing people from becoming obese which is monitoring body weight regularly. This should be done regardless if a person is following healthy or unhealthy diet. The reason for this is because weighing your body weight regularly brings about many benefits such as being able to record the success of your goal and encourages you to keep striving to achieve your goal. For example, if your goal was to maintain your weight then weighing yourself regularly will let you know that the efforts you take to maintain the weight is working and that you have succeeded. This solution comes hand in hand with other prevention methods such as exercising regularly. Without a method to losing weight or even maintaining body weight, weighing yourselves obviously does not make any changes except makes a person more depressed about their gradual weight gain. Therefore, obesity can be prevented if we are aware of body weight and the rate of weight gain because then we can make better choices such as changing the way we eat to control the weight gain.
A recently published study in the International Journal of Obesity that was carried out for a yearlong has shown that a weighing is a friend rather than a foe to people who are tending to lose or even maintain their body weight which will prevent them from obesity. Researches carried out a study with 148 participants who are going through a weight loss journey on how frequently and consistently they weigh themselves and their resulting weight status. Most of the participants were females. They have found through the study that women who weigh themselves nearly everyday over the course of a year have achieved weight loss and even managed to maintain their weight loss compared to those women who did not keep a frequent record of their body weight.
Just like any other methods, this one comes with a warning too. A person who is suffering from eating disorders or have depression and anxiety when using the weighing scale should refrain themselves from using this prevention as it may cause their diagnosed condition to worsen.
There a three reminders to remember when you have decided to incorporate this prevention method into your weight loss or even weight maintaining journey. Firstly, you should weigh yourself everyday around same time. This is because many aspects such as physical activity, type of food you consumed, amount of water consumed and bowel movements will cause your body weight to fluctuate. Therefore, it is crucial to weigh yourself around the same time everyday.

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