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One of the highest form of award the a Filipino artist could achieve in his lifetime or his/her career as an artist having done or contributed something significant to the nation or to the people is the National Artists Award. This award is given to painters, artists, and people in the field of arts who have committed their lives to influence the future generations through art. Through their art, they aim to encourage different kinds of art for a progressive development of cultural identity.
However, many controversies have aroused from this award mainly involving politics and automatic name insertions from the list. In my opinion, the National Artists Award is now tainted with politics because the last stage of the process is confirmation from the President. Of course, having good or bad relations with the President or the government could really affect your nomination.
For me, the better way is for the NCAA to really deliberate the screening process for each nominee from start to finish. I also think that we should not allow the President to have a privilege of removing or adding an artist to the list because they are there in the final list for a reason. In this way, we could lessen the involvement of politics in art.

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