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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

One of the key ways to developing positive relationships is through effective communication. Communication is what allows us to interact with other people allowing us to share knowledge, experiences and advice. To communicate effectively it means you have to use different ways of communicating to get your intended message across by using a mixture of verbal and non-verbal communication for example speaking, writing, touch, gestures and facial expressions all of these can make a big difference when communicating and it helps to make sure the message is successfully delivered, received and understood.
A positive relationship is a relationship that benefit children and young people, and their ability to participate in and benefit from the setting. In order to have a positive relationship with children, young people and adults you will need to consider different both how you approach the pupils and how to respond and react to what they are saying, and it will benefit all parties involved as it shows that you know how to communicate strongly and effectively. This benefits the pupil as it leads by example and shows the boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable when communicating.

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