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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.
111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Opening/Attention grabber:
Imagine graduating high school,
you’re with your friends as you throw your caps into the air, holding your diploma.
You realize you can finally start living your life
You are now a legal adult and you can take yourself into any direction you choose.

Thesis Statement: Why not enlist into the US army?
Many people join the army for various different reasons, ranging from pay, experience, or lack of direction.
Many people join the military to secure a job
Over 150 different jobs (US army webpage “”)

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Preview: Army offers many benefits such as…..
GI bill
Health care ; housing funds
Pay for your service and retirement
Support groups for you and/or family

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