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Organizational Behaviour within Coca Cola Corporation:
Organizational behaviour is a field of study of what people do in an organization and how their behaviour affects the organization’s performance. We live in a fast changing world so as the days are gone by there are changes within organization including recruitment process, work design, perception, interpersonal communication and motivation.
As we know Coca cola is both retailer and manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverage so they need to make change according to the consumers demand and outer environment. We will be looking at different examples from coca cola Corporation’s history to observe what changes in strategies they adapted and implemented throughout the transitioning process.
Coca Cola was established even before World War 2, since then they have faced a lot of difficulty both internally and externally, where external ones are labour markets, economic scenario, governmental laws etc. and internal factors are resources, attitude of workers, workforce etc. This kinds of triggering events needed some changes in strategies in the organization.
It was reported that during the time of war era, more specifically in World War 2 they managed to enter new markets and discover new niches. They even served free drinks to the soldiers during the time of war which was a strategy to represent the company to the people of the country as a gesture of patriotic symbol which boosted the company’s sales. As a result the achieved to two objectives by carefully planning to respond to the external environmental change. The strategies taken by the company during the time of war helped them to expand after the war.
In a study it was seen that Coca Cola Corporation adopted acquisition strategy during Asian Financial Crisis. They established tea shop, coffee and bottling companies in Korea and Malaysia. Since it’s a beverage company, consumers’ preference and taste changes spontaneously. People are becoming more health conscious now a days. So Coca cola responded to that very effectively by launching new products like diet coke and Coca Cola zero. In the present era, coca cola is operating very successfully as they always adapt change as per consumers’ expectation.

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