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Our group was formed in week four to complete an assignment of “Selection Package Project”. The assignment was to develop a recruitment and selection strategy for a specific position. My team comprised four members, they are Jay, Sofia, Ocean and me. My team was one that collaborated successfully, communicated effectively and focus on a task. The team dynamic was very positive, enthusiastic and productive. My team worked as a cohesive unit from the very start.
First of all, I think our team did well on setting realistic and achievable goals which aligned with the criteria. We set our goals in our first meeting. After we discussed the project requirements and how to effectively complete the task based on each other’s strengths, weaknesses and abilities. We decided two specific goals that we want to achieve. Our goals included complete the project before by the Wednesday of week 12 as well as to complete the report with the quality of distinction. According to goal setting theory form Hoegl ; Parboteeah (2003), teams become an effective unit much more quickly when they have a clear, specific, challenging and meaningful goal that they are committed to achieving. Goal setting helps our team members. I think these clarity goals really helped me in knowing what is expected and what behaviour is functional for achieve the expectation. Otherwise I have a tendency to leave things until the last minute and then panic over the big picture rather than concentrating on working. In an organization, employees with clear and measurable goals are more positive, inspired and invested in their job since they understand how their work contributes to the success of the business they work for (Cooper, 2004).

In term of our communication. I think I was a bit challenging for our team since everyone was busy and had several projects on hand, some of the members were unable to attend to the meetings. for the reason we developed an effective communication channel that suited all of us. we began to have our video conferencing through Skype or use instant messaging like Facebook when someone is unable to come to the meetings. we also used Google Docs to share our information and collaboratively type up the report and then we discussed and gave recommendations and made corrections in our face to face meetings. We found that this method worked extremely well for our team. Vogelsmeier (2008) states that effective communication is essential for team members to work effectively for the attainment of the goal. Ineffective communication can lead to confusions and have adverse effects in team if the strategies, goals, concepts not convey in the correct way. Using a virtual interface, our team members communicated and exchange information effectively in a clear and assertive way while eliminating the barriers of time and space. Organizational performance is also governed by how well their employee communicate. Skilful communication among employee creates awareness and understanding that promotes proficiency as team members to complete their jobs which help an organization to achieve and sustain profit (Staudinger, 2005).

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My group members had high performance in understanding and taking their responsibility as well as manage team conflict. In our second meeting. We broke the task down into smaller parts and delegated the work. I and Jay took the recruitment part of the project. We worked together to design a suitable job advertisement for the job role and develop an appropriate recruitment strategy. Ocean and Sofia were responsible for the selection technique part. We also assigned specific roles for each member in contributing to our team development. We selected Jay to be the team leader because he is a calm, mature and charismatic member of the team with great listening skill. His responsibility is to guide the activities of the team and evaluate whether the proposals, ideas are suitable for the report. I took the roles as a mediator in our group, my responsibility was to resolve conflicts occur between member due to personality clashes by contact the team member individually and helping them to understand and respect other’s opinion. According to Carson & Isaac (2005), establishing identity and authority within a team can improve synergy, and decrease conflict due to a lack of understanding. I think assigning responsibilities for each team members is an effective way to boosts efficiency. If we did not assign our roles and responsibility, the outcome of our project tasks may become unclear and occur more conflicts in the team.

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