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Paracetamol has different “sibling-like” medicines but most of them have the common uses such like fever, flu, headache, pain. It is commonly known as “sibling-like” but the actual fact is that Paracetamol has many trade or brand names. The first “sibling-like” medicine is Dhamol. Dhamol can be used for fever, pain like (headache, toothache, joint pain, period cramps) and cold. It contains Paracetamol as its active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). How Dhamol works is that it helps to increase the blood flow and by letting the user feel less painful. Like different drugs have their side effects even though it might help to cure the non-long-term illnesses or pains. Although it has side effects, but it only happens in rare cases. Dhamol might be able to cause redness of skin, rashes, nausea, breathless and many other more. Users experiencing such problems must consult a doctor quickly as it may lead to complications. There are some drugs or products that may implicate on Dhamol are alcohol, leflunomide, prilocaine, ketoconazole and teriflunomide. If you have such problems like Hepatic impairment and hypersensitive, do not use Dhamol as it may trigger complications. Dhamol comes in different strengths like Dhamol 250mg or 500mg. Usually in clinics, Dhamol comes in 60ml or 90ml, plain transparent bottles of 250mg or 500mg. It may cause drowsiness, it depends on individual body reaction. When Dhamol is expired, do not take it as it might cause more complications.

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