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Imagine being locked in a wardrobe without any control over any aspect in life…You can’t decide when and what you eat or how you spend your time. Is that how you’d like to live your entire life? Like a prisoner who hasn’t done any crime, that’s the life of an animal in the laboratory. So why are you supporting the companies allowing this gamble of testing on innocent animals for their own benefit?
Its 2018 and companies like NARS,MAC , Benefit and Maybelline are amongst the many cosmetic brands who allow their products to be tested on animals. Many different species are used around the world for animal testing, but the most common include rats, rabbits, farm animals, household animals, and non-human primates. In the cosmetic business, beauty is at the top of the game. Shine reported as of 2013, people worldwide collectively spend 426 million on beauty products each year.

It’s easy to think that you have nothing to do with animal experimentation – but you do. Any person who donates to a medical charity or purchases products tested on animals, is potentially funding research and experiments causing harm to roughly 112 million innocent animals, annually worldwide as reported by . Animal testing causes unimaginable suffering, these animals are infected with diseases that they would never normally contract, as well as burned, shocked, poisoned, and drowned amongst many other cruel acts on the daily basis. Studies published in prestigious medical journals have shown on many occasions that animal experimentation waste lives –both animal and human, and precious resources. Why waste resources and lives you ask? I possibly couldn’t justify why animal testing is allowed in certain countries, but what I do know is that there are alternatives.

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Relying on animal research and testing to give results that’ll protect and improve human products is not only unreliable, but also expensive, time-consuming and dangerous. Problems when applying information from animals to humans is undetectable when scientists use animals to study human diseases. Species differences in anatomy, organ structure and function, toxin metabolism, chemical and drug absorption, and the process of DNA repair as well other differences in contrast to humans. For example, penicillin is toxic to guinea pigs, aspirin is poisonous to cats, and the recalled diet drug phen-fen caused no heart damage in animals, while it did in humans as mentioned by

Although , there was a time when we had no other option but to test on animals, the worlds’ most forward-thinking scientists have moved on to develop and use methods. These methods replace animal testing and are actually relevant to the human health and anatomy. The alternatives to animal testing include sophisticated tests using human cells and tissues, advanced computer-modelling techniques as well as human volunteers. A

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