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Polynomials are one of the most frequently studied objects in mathematics. Polynomials are algebraic expressions that contain real numbers and variables. Division and square roots cannot be used in the variables. The variables can only consist of addition, subtraction and multiplication. A polynomial can either be zero or can be written as the sum of a fixed number of non-zero terms. Every term involves the product of a number which is called the coefficient of the term and a fixed number of indeterminates which will be raised to a nonnegative integer power. The exponent on an unidentified term is called the degree of that indeterminate in that term meaning the degree of the term is the sum of the degrees of the indeterminates in that term, and the degree of a polynomial is the largest degree of any one term with nonzero coefficient. Since x = x1, the degree of an indeterminate short of a written proponent is one. A term with no indeterminates and a polynomial with no indeterminates are known as, correspondingly, a continuous term and a continual polynomial. The degree of a continual term and of a nonzero persistent polynomial is 0. Polynomials are usually written in decreasing order of terms. The major term or the term with the maximum exponent in the polynomial is typically written first. The original term in a polynomial is called a leading term. When a term contains an exponent, it shows you the degree of the term. A matrix polynomial equation is an equality amongst two matrix polynomials, which holds for the exact matrices in question. Similar to any constant value, the value 0 can be considered as a persistent polynomial, called the zero polynomial. It takes no nonzero terms, and it has no degree either.

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