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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Pornland is a documentary film as we listen to Gail Dines perspective on the pornography industry. Dines argues that the dominant images and stories distributed by the multibillion dollar pornography industry produce and reproduce a gender system that undermines equality and encourages violence against women. The film also discusses how there are limits to creating an authentic, equal relationships free of violence and degradation. I believe that the screening relates to the study of visual communications as it is a way of showing what the industry is capable of and how it can be easily accessed online through different websites and webcams. Through the graphics used within the film, this shows images of what pornographic websites could provide people with. The dynamics within the pornography industry of gender is uneven within the film as it shows how women are being used and degraded but also being dominated by males. The film constructs the ‘reality’ of gender, sexuality and corporeality as Dines shows how pornography puts the women in a place of no power and makes the male dominant, allowed to do whatever they want. Through watching the film, I questioned how Dines doesn’t support her claims of all males treating their partners violently. For example, nearing the end of the film Dines further analyses how when boys look at these videos of pornography they become influenced by what they see. Dines further emphasises that boys from the age of eleven will be able to watch pornography, but how did she gain this information as there is no way of determining this. if we restrict the boundaries of what kids can watch online there wouldn’t be a problem of influencing them to be violent to women.

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