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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

President Trump offers nothing but criticism speeches towards the notable accomplishments of some of his predecessors mainly Obama and Bill Clinton. He has in some ways disoriented some of their programs and left it for the congress to discuss the next steps. In order for him to save his legacy; The Congress should not abolish the Affordable Healthcare Act brought about by Obama. This would mean oppressing the low income earners. It should by all means avoid compelling the insurance companies to withdraw healthcare exchanges. On the Iran nuclear deal, the congress should avoid placing sanctions on Iran in order to maintain a cordial working relationship (Jost & Lazarus, 2017). In matters concerning Nafta, there had been trade agreements between the three neighboring nations which made it easier for them to trade. The congress should desist from abolishing that deal as it would retard economic development. In regard to Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals, the congress must by all means avoid separating them from their parents as well as deporting them. This would just but ruin democracy in the US.
Barrack Obama
He was able to improve the economy by shrinking the trade deficit, adding multiple jobs as well providing medical insurance. He cut short police brutality against the blacks, he also ensured that African Americans were well represented when he anointed the first black A.G. He tried to minimize Global Warming, captured Osama bin Laden just to name but a few (Romano, 2012)
He ignored the rise of ISIS and al-Qaeda leading to their rise under his regime. He bullied and controlled media freedom. It was also during his tenure that Mexican drug cartels accessed so many illegal guns. Most of his policies ended up dividing and rising racial tensions that made one suspicious of the other instead of bringing Americans closer to each other. He failed to address the issue of immigration making US borders unsafe and entry points for hard drugs.
Obama as a Roadmap
By bringing Israel and Palestine together, he could prove himself as a master of negotiations. He has made a team with a better and more acceptable approach by the Palestinians. This is unlike Obama’s which was claimed to be a ‘pen pusher’ (Delahunty ; Yoo, 2012). He is also bringing peace between Palestinians. He has also been able to change Israel’s dark view of him to a more promising one. In Egypt, the Hamas and Fatah are also mending their issues as a result of the ongoing talks. If he succeeds in uniting these nations, he will end up leaving a legacy as well.

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