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Zapf’s behaviour has clearly affected the behaviour of his team members because he does not believe in explaining things to his team. This shows that Zapf’s team does lack of the team’s task characteristic which states that teams will work better if they have clear tasks to learn their roles faster and becoming cohesive easily hence having a high task interdependence but his team does lack of these characteristics which leads them to learn their roles slowly and they will become cohesive about slower, hence having a lesser task interdependence among other team members. For instances, Zapf proposes his new idea that pops out of his mind without explaining to his team about their roles and what tasks they should do because he thinks his team understands what their roles and tasks are. This behaviour of Zapf’s leads to the ineffectiveness of team’s task performance thus creating a misunderstanding among Zapf and his team members. This problem also shows us that this team has also lack of organization structure.

Emotional Intelligence
Zapf’s team members avoid questioning him because he always replies them with rude answer which makes them feel low about themselves. Furthermore, they also feel stressed because their leader does not answer them with politeness but with rudeness that may offend their feelings. Zapf psychologically harasses his team members by giving rude verbal comments which in this case giving rude answers. This may also decrease their job satisfaction. He deliberately replies rudely to his team members on aspects on the project they are working on which leads his team to have low self-esteem towards Zapf. This problem shows us that Zapf has low collectivism towards his team members. Zapf does not value his team membership and the relationship between him and his team.

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Conflict Management
Newbridge was clearly under Zapf’s influence but even he is the head of the project, he did not try to solve the issues that arise from the team. This shows us that Newbridge does not know to resolve a conflict that arise from his team and Zapf as well. Newbridge even left his workplace to find a new job to work on a new project as he could not handle the situation between the teammates and Zapf which leads the project to be uncompleted. This shows Newbridge’s response to his dissatisfaction towards his job which is Exit. He didn’t even explain to Dr Goh about the conflicts that he faces with Zapf’s way of being a team leader which leads to Dr Goh to think that Zapf is doing a great job of being a team leader.

In a team, there will be workers with different and unique creativity. This would be a problem if the head of the group do not give a chance to his employees to share their creativity within the group. This is proven when Zapf does not give his team members a chance to share their ideas and suggestion on the project. This also show the Zapf ‘s team is a centralized team which means Zapf will only propose his ideas and does not accept his team members’ ideas and suggestions. Furthermore, there is no platform for the workers to share their creativity towards the project which makes the workers to lose their creativity that impacts their creative personality that may help improve the project towards a better result and an accomplished goal.

Zapf should clearly explain his new idea to the team so that his team can understand what task they should do. This will make them to learn their roles faster thus making them cohesive to their performance and they will have a higher task interdependence which they share information, materials. Furthermore, they have an updated organizational structure where everyone in the team knows what they should do which will make team effectiveness to increase rapidly. Finally, this will also increase their job satisfaction towards their company even better than before.

Emotional Intelligence
Zapf should have politely answered his team member with politeness instead of answering rudely to them. If he is not in the mood of answering question, he should just tell them to ask him on another day. This will prevent Zapf from saying harsh words that may demotivate the employees work performance towards a specific task or offend some employees’ feelings during the process. He should also value his team members and the relationship between himself and his team so he has increase collectivism among his team members. Finally, this may avoid employees from being overstressed from Zapf.

Conflict Management
Newbridge should explain about Zapf’s performance as a team leader so that Dr Goh will look through the situation and try to come up with ways to solve the situation. It is also not wise for Newbridge to leave his workplace due to his dissatisfaction about Zapf’s team and the company which results the project to incomplete. By trying to solve the problem, he should try to assess the conflict and find ways to solve the issues arise from the team. Furthermore, he should not let Zapf lead the project because Newbridge is the head of the project to supervise the progress the project because Zapf could be inexperience to lead a team with too many tasks to do alone.

Organizations must provide a proper platform for workers to deliver and share their creativity because creative people in the organization should be encouraged to share their creativity. Promoting a culture of creativity requires the organization to hone their skills of observation and invention. Creativity truly thrives in an environment full of disciplined chaos. Discipline begins with learning on how to look at situations from multiple angles, removing binders and opening potential possibilities. People at every level of the organization must be supported as they develop and apply tools of observation and invention in their jobs. Everything from the company’s vision to its HR procedures and financial management structure can actually encourage creativity in the workplace.

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