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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

 I.            GABAY PAMAYANAN NI MOTHER RITA: Community Extension Service and Graduate School
           This is a capacity building program for the residents of Northville 9, particularly the officials, mother leaders, parents, volunteers, parents of the beneficiaries and youth. It aims to enable the above mentioned residents to come up with their own sustainable programs to help alleviate in their community. It would also foster good relationships and unity within the community and would train leaders who are responsible to the needs of their neighbors and the wider community as a whole.

1.    Community Organizing/Social Preparation
2.    Orient mother and parent volunteers about the purpose of the program.

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3.    Seek Volunteers, mother leaders, parents and Barangay officials involved in the program.

4.    Leadership Seminar
5.    Project Development and Management Seminar
 II.          LUSOG AGUSTINO PROGRAM: College of Medicine, College of Allied Medical Sciences, College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management, Graduate School and other Department/Units
     This is a program that aims to promote good health and wellness among the residents of the chosen adopted communities of the institution. This would undertake more of the technical aspect of nutritional growth and weight development of undernourished children. It will also aid parents and residents of the adopted communities to live healthy, find better ways of living and lifestyle through educating families about health, wellness and nutrition.

1.    Selection of beneficiaries by weighing children ages 3-12 years old.

2.    Measuring and Deworming
3.    Monthly monitoring of weights of children and recording of progress and success of the program.

4.    Conduct monitoring, recording and scaling of children’s weight before and after the feeding programs to determine if the students have reached their ideal nutritional status.

5.    Come up with progress reports on the success of the program.

6.    Conduct seminars on Health, Sanitation and Nutrition.

7.    The school will provide nutrition, proper grooming and hygiene counseling for both children and parents.

8. Medical/Dental Mission
9. Health and wellness seminars/activities aligned with the DOH calendar and needs of the community
III.        LIPAT KAALAMAN PROGRAM: College of Business Entrepreneurship and Accountancy, College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management, Graduate School and other Department/Units
             This program will ensure continued learning and development among mother leaders, parents and other beneficiaries of the community. This aims to develop mothers and leaders with the basic hospitality and kitchen skills that they can apply in daily life. Further, it teaches parents how to prepare affordable yet nutritious meals through Parents Effectiveness Sessions.

          Also, to internalize to the parents mind to help end child malnutrition, “If we really help each other out, no child will go hungry. We must ensure that feeding programs are continuous. Parents should ensure that nutritious meals are served at home. Don’t solely depend on Supplementary Feeding Program. Your children are also your responsibility.”
Selected beneficiaries will be taught how to start and manage a micro or small business, its requirements, and the necessary documents needed in putting up a startup business. Skills in bookkeeping, recording, monitoring cash management, inventory management, operations management, marketing products, packaging and product promotion.
1.    Skills Transfer
2.    Train mother volunteers in Food Preparation and cooking.

3.    Come-up with daily hot meal menus and assist mothers in the implementation.

4. Knowledge in basic bookkeeping, accounting, cash management, inventory management and operations management.

IV. TAAS NOO, PINOY AKO PROGRAM: Graduate School and other Department/Units
 This program develops and empowers individuals’ skills, abilities and knowledge on organizing the community. Growth and development of the community is the primary concern of this program.

Seminars on good governance
Management and leadership seminars
Social developmentV.   ABAKADA NI MADRE CONSUELO: College of Arts, Sciences and Education, College of Information Technology and Engineering, International Evangelization Program, Graduate School and other Department/Units
     This is a literacy program for children, mothers and volunteers. This is to instill into children the love for knowledge and education and at the same time enamor the children with basic skills when it comes to reading, writing, arithmetic and basic computer operation. Mothers’ and volunteers will also be included in the computer literacy program for additional knowledge.
1.    Early Childhood Education
2.    Catechism
3. Tutorials – Individual Mentoring, Teaching demonstration, computer literacy
VI.    LUNTIANG PINOY PROGRAM: National Service Training Program, University Building Maintenance and Security Service and other Department/Units
It promotes environmental awareness, involvement and spouses’ vegetable and herbal planting. It includes the organizational structure, planning and resources for developing, implementing and maintaining policy for environmental protection.

1.    Composting
2.    Garden Preparation and gardening
3.    Vegetable production for additional sources of nutrition
4. Mangrove/sasa planting
5. Waste segregation and management
6. Recycling
 VII. PISO MO, KINUBUKASAN KO: Basic Education Department and other Department/Units
           This program would encourage the students, personnel and staff to cooperate in raising funds for the various programs of the university specifically feeding program for the undernourished children of the different communities.
Fund Raising
VIII. Hawak Kamay Program: College of Arts, Sciences and Education, International Evangelization Program, Graduate School and other Department/Units
        This is a value formation program that would dwell on self-awareness and character building of parents, children and volunteers. This aims to provide psychological and spiritual roundness of participants for holistic well-being and a deeper commitment to service in the family, society and country.

1.  Psychological Assessment
2.  Seminar on Proper Parenting
3.  Environmental Education
4.  Human Relations Seminar
5. Values Formation
6. Character building session
7. Counselling
8. Therapeutic Activities and other Psychological Intervention

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