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project for the lva 354.040 project management automatic pill dispenser supervisor: univ.lektor mag.rer.soc.oec anton lorenz ismail kadrija 01529553 study code e033235 tabel of contents project organisational chart……………….1 project definition……………………5 project risk analysis………………….6 stakeholder analysis…………………..7 work breakdown structure………………8 work package description-1 ………………9 work package description-2 ………………10 schedule gantt-chart ………………..11 wbs-table form……………………12 work package based resource and cost plan………13 project organisational charter primas consulting 1 project: automatic pill dispenser project number: 100 project manager: ismail kadrija project owner sponsor: exputec-a biotech company exputec project owner ismail kadrija project manager jayden caleb electrical engineer liam rayder mechanical engineer nicholas jones computer engineer project definition charter primas consulting 2 project: automatic pill dispenser project number: 100 project manager: ismail kadrija project owner sponsor: exputec background: problem opportunity previous history nowdays a lot of people are dependent upon medications in their daily lives.this can become a complicated procedure especially for elderly people.every year people are hospitalized for incorect use of the medication especially the elderly people who forget to take the pills on time or the proper dose exactly as the doctor prescribed them just because their illnes doesnt allow them to keep track of their medication. designing an automatic pill dispenser will bring lots of advantages for people who are suffering from brain injury alzheimer or have a complex medicall schedule. objectives: result objectives: analyze build and test an automatic pill dispenser device that will help the people to take their pills regurarly.the device will have an alarm installed that will alert the user when it is time to take the pills. •the decvice shoud have a keypad and lcd-screen where the user could manually enter information such as how many of each kind of pill to be taken at a specific time of day on certain days. •the decvice will have a battery back-up lasting at least 10 hours. •the interior part of the device will have 10 individual containers where the user could put 10 different type of pills.the device will dispense a medication –pill using a mechanical system with the help of the microprocessor which will store all information needed to display a clock sound an alarm and dispense a dose of medication.moreover the device will alert alert the user when the pill supply is low-0 pill in container. •the automatic pill dispenser should satisfy the requirements and it should accept store dispense medication and it will be reliable robust efficient and cost effective.what do we wano achieve by the end of the project project definition charter primas consulting 2 benefit objectives: •simplify the medication process for people who take pills or medicine dependent people. •reduce the number of incidents and prohibiting the chance of overdose for those on a complex pill regime particularly if they are elderly. •a great help for people especially for vulnerable ones who forget to take the pills regurarly and on time. what are the stumers benefits of the project process objectives: •obtaining experience doing product do we want to achieve over the course of the project; e.g. acceptance non objectives /out of scope: •use the ethernet in order to communicate with the pharmacy or the pharmacys server •mass production -product manufacturing in series •the device allows family to monitor the patients activity remotely. project definition charter primas consulting 4 project content: main tasks: •analyzing the possible obstascles and initial design requirements •product developing-interior design electrical mechanical embedded systems and subsystems and exterior design frame •identification and selection of the technology materials in view of cost availability and accessibility •product fabrication. •running tests •develop a marketing strategy-create brochures etc.. components: electrical components mechanical components keypad lcd-screen critical success factors •materials –electrical and mechanical components the financial support schedule: event date project start 05/01/2017 project discussion with the client about the contents and design requiremtents 05/02/2017 feasibility study 05/04/2017 make decision to proceed or not 05/12/2017 design framework 05/15/2017 build framework 06/23/2017 test framework 07/08/2017 launch 07/12/2017 project end-withdraw from project 07/26/2017 project definition charter primas consulting 5 project organization: role name comment e.g. tasks project owner internal exputec-a biotech company project manager ismail kadrija project team electrical engineer mechanical engineer computer engineer electrical components and circuitry mechanical system and frame embedded system-programming the device extended team signatures role name signature project owner internal exputec project manager ismail kadrija other jayden caleb liam rayder nicholas jones project risk analysis primas consulting 6 project: automatic pill dispenser project number: 100 project manager: ismail kadrija wbs code work package risk description cause priorit y costs of risk probabi lity risk budget delay in weeks preventive corrective measures risk minimizi ng costs 1.3.1 produce drawings poor design 25 150 30 100 0.5 3d print model-to determine the best interior and exterior design 70 1.3.2 electrical&mechanical schematics connection missing junction wrong voltage or common math errot 40 250 35 150 0.5 double checking and tips on common schematics errors 100 1.3.5 material procurement cant find the proper materials 80 1200 60 700 2 material fabrication 500 1.4.1 firmware&electrical components doesnt deliver power or /and the software is not compatible with the hardware 70 600 45 350 1 look for samples code and install backup power source into design 200 1.4.2 mechanical system system cant dipense pills or pill of specific type 70 800 70 400 1.5 test functionality prior to installation 300 1.4.3 i/o system-user interaction user cannot enter information-or touch screen is unfunctional 60 600 50 450 1 secure robust mounting and check any screens crack 300 1.4.4 device frame and integration difficulties in integrating the whole system 45 500 50 250 1 ensure structural integrity 150 1.5.4 test assembled device bad test performance 40 500 10 300 1 based on the results from the tests the device will be redesigned and reworked 200 1.6.1 write users manual to complex to comprehend 15 100 20 100 0.5 pay attention to simplicity and clarity 100 total project 4700 2800 1920 stakeholder analysis primas consulting 7 7 project: automatic pill dispenser project code: 100 project manager: ismail kadrija social environment persons stakeholders attitude to project importance power 1-5 5.strong expectations fears measures strategies who what when james.b/doctor 4 the device provides ways of reminding the user to take their pills. -the alarm may be to loud the device will be able to tolerate driving vibrations and the alarm will be 90 db and a tone of approximately 1000 hz. maria.l/pharmacist 3 device can only contain a months worth of pills and has to be refilled once in a month. the device looks complicated and can be confusing for the patient. the devie will be easy to use transportable easy to read colour screen visible large butons reasonable quit and will have simple user interface luke.m/product developer 1 -since the product is new in market it will be difficult to repair it in case of a component deffect the device provides peace of mind at medication time .the people who take the pill will be less reliant on family members. the automatic pill dispenser will be of at least +3 years eu warranty mathias.f/exputec worker 2 -can couse pill damage +better management of medication can help ease anxiety and reduce stress will be jam-proof and not cause damage to pills. contents-oriented environment influence factor consequences measures strategies who what when a real-time adaptive system postive- the automatic pill dispenser helps to prevent overdose of the patient the new technologies can improve the quality of life for erveryone involved.this kind of technology promotes independence and autonomy. do not rely always on technology negative- a technical problem can cause the wrong pill to dispense and lead to a fatal error the device will dispense the medication in correct form with a success rate as close as possible to 100%. work breakdown structure primas consulting 8 7 1 automatic pill dispenser 1.1 project managmant 1.1.1 team building 1.1.2 project start 1.1.3 project plan 1.1.4 coordinate&controll project 1.1.5 project communication 1.1.6 project documentation 1.1.7 project closure 1.2 project begin 1.2.1 feasibility study 1.2.2 analyze of design requirements 1.2.3 check technology capability 1.2.4 make decision to proceed or not 1.3 design 1.3.1 produce drawings 1.3.2 electrical&mechanical schematic 1.3.3 specify components 1.3.4 detailed design 1.3.5 material procurement 1.4 device fabrication 1.4.1 firmware and electrical components 1.4.2 mechanical system 1.4.3 i/o system-user interaction 1.4.4 device frame and integration 1.4.5 product delivery 1.5 device testing 1.5.1 test components 1.5.2 electrical&interface tests 1.5.3 reliability tests 1.5.4 test assembled device 1.5.5 device is operational 1.6 training 1.6.1 write users manual 1.6.2 write service manual 1.6.3 decide on warranty conditions 1.6.4 mainenance-giving instruction to users 1.7 marketing 1.7.1 identify potential users 1.7.2 plan marketing strategy 1.7.3 produce brochures and advertisment 1.8 closure 1.8.1 acceptance by the owner 1.8.2 project closeout work package description primas consulting 9 7 project name: automatic pill dispenser project nr: 100 work package name: i/o system –user interaction wbs code: 1.4.3 person responsible: nicholas jones effort: 2 days team members: nicholas jones jayden caleb cost categories: components costs budget: 650 euro objectives: the purpose is installing the user interface –input/output system into the device.the i/o system will serve to interact with the device.the i/o system is composed of two main components:keypad and lcd –screen. the keypad will be alpha/numeric and it will be used for giving and receiving feedbacks.the user should be able to enter informations such as pill quantity schedule etc.on the other hand the lcd will display messages to the user.the lcd screen should also have a menu programmed .the contents of the menu will be:home schedule current contents insert medicode change times. tasks steps deadlines: installing keypad into device.the keypad shoud be tested prior to installation installing lcd –screen into device. the lcd shoud be tested prior to installation other components and integration of both subsytems. interfaces: software developing supporting means documents etc. instruction manuals of keypad and lcd-screen different electrical tools attachments: acceptance criteria configuration description project manager date person responsible work package description primas consulting 10 7 project name: automatic pill dispenser project nr: 100 work package name: device frame and integration wbs code: 1.4.4 person responsible: liam rayder effort: 2 days team members: liam rayder jayden caleb cost categories: costs for device integration budget: 1100 euro objectives: at this stage each integrated subsystem should functions as required.the device shoud be able to fullfil the design requirements such as receive power store back up power dispense the pills or alert the users with the help of alarms. the dispenser will be powered by a standard 120v ac 60hz power supply the accuracy of automatic pill dispenser shoud be 100 the frame will provide sufficient strength to support the system and allow for transportation. the device frame will be metallic with the dimension 41 cm x 45 cm x 41 cm the automatic pill dispenser will allow the user to put and access the pills-on the container by entering a secret pin code. tasks steps deadlines: joining different subsystems or components as one large system ensuring that the subsystems function together as a system interfaces: the interface of microprocessor with the alpha/numeric keypad lcd-screen and alarms supporting means documents etc. different electrical tools electcrical and mechanical schemtatics attachments: acceptance criteria configuration description project manager date person responsible schedule-gantt chart primas consulting 11 wbs-table format primas consulting

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