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Public School is better than Homeschool?
Which is better to attend public school or home school. I believe public school is better than homeschool because. You learn how to interact with people. Your’re able to be on a school team if you want to play sports. You can do after-school activities, that you wouldn’t be able to do at home. Parents believe homeschooling their child would prove to be a better environment for their child. But socializing is the only con to homeschooling a child.there is the education and curriculum, resources and activities they can’t do or have If you don’t attend public school you won’t have the social experience of dealing with others. Cavazos(2009) reported that homeschooled students will not have the experience of dealing with different people and their situations(para.6).studies have proved that more than 30% of homeschooled students are not relaxed when they talk to someone they don’t know, so if it is hard to talk to a stranger you don’t know it would be impossible to speak to publicly to a crowd of people.And if you don’t understand a person and what it is like for them in their setting it will be difficult to communicate with them without conflict. Because in high school you meet very different people and learn about how different they are compared to you. Something you wouldn’t be able to do if you were homeschooled.The only person a homeschooled student has to interact with is their siblings and their teacher, which is their parent. Being homeschooled a student would have to find kids in their neighborhood to be friends with. That is a hard thing to do because of the fact the other kids in their neighborhood attend public school, and have friends with the same interest that they play with five days a week that builds loyalty between the friends. Nevertheless, the teaching curriculum in public school is accredited meaning the school meets the states requirements. When a student attends and accredited school it is easier for the student to transfer credits. Teaching in a public-school where everyone has to learn at the same pace sometimes hurts students. However, it also helps some students pass a test because of the test scores the teacher would grade on curve.This allows some students to achieve a passing grade. Public school students will not have a problem with the transition from high school to college. When attending public school all students learn at the same pace. Since public school students interact with different levels of students and faculty, they feel more comfortable when attending college. Furthermore, a parent cannot teach a subject better than a licensed teacher unless the parent is a licensed teacher.

Another con to homeschooling is the parents. If parents do decide to homeschool their child one won’t be able to get career. Because they would be spending all their time teaching their child and creating a curricular plan for their education. Homeschooling is not accredited curriculum meaning that the curriculum that the parent is teaching was not approved by the state where they live. And homeschooling can put parents into a financial struggle only having one parent means the parent would not be able to home school their child or children. Simply, because they would question how will the bills get paid and get the materials needed for homeschooling.working and spend a thousand dollars or more on the supplies needed for homeschooling, when you can easily put them and public school where you will only have to buy supplies once or twice. Also teaching a child is very different from parenting one and having the patience to get through all that and teaching when the child doesn’t understand. so it is going to be very hard for the parent to stay with their child everyday, so they are going to need a break from their children from time to time. where as it would be easier to put them in public school where there is a person who specializes in teaching.
Another con to homeschooling is the activities students can do. A high percentage of public schools allow students to play in sports and have elective classes like art and music. Cavazos (2009) reported that Miguel Torres went to public schools and had no problems with them. He also says kids lose the opportunity to attend school events if their homeschooled (para.3). Like in quote students will miss out on being able to attend special events like field trips, homecoming, and prom.something that would be hard to do being homeschooled.

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A pro for public school can be teaching students independence and responsibility. Some examples are being independent enough to get your classes and responsible enough to get their on time. You also gain independence by being away from your parents to learn how to do things by yourself. Another example of responsibility is keeping your I.D with you whenever your in school.

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