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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Puppy mills should honestly be viewed as prisons for dogs that have not committed a crime. These animals should not have to live as prisoners their entire lives. Half the time these dogs are spending their lives in wire cages with minimal food and little affection. Puppy mills are large scale breeding operations that do not care about the well being of the dogs, they just want the prophet off the poor pups. By purchasing from puppy mills and most pet stores, you are financially encouraging the actions these inhumane mills are taking.
As of today, puppy mills are currently not illegal in the United States but keeping animals under cruel conditions is. Thing about that is, the word cruel conditions hardly describes the things these dogs get put through. Most of the mills in America have been proven to not have air conditioning or heat, leaving the imprisoned pups to deal with the extreme conditions through the year. You also have usage of wire cages so that owners do not have to clean the cages which causes unsanitary conditions, leading to disease that often can get spread through whole mills. On top of living in their own feces, many dogs have been found chewing their own limbs off because they become entangled in the wire.
Female dogs are bred as soon as they reach of age to be able to. No matter how unhealthy or old they become they are still bred. They are literally bred until they die. Living their entire lives in the unpleasantry of a tiny cage deprived of exercise, freedom, and love. Many puppy mill owners also look to save money by purchasing cheap dog food that contains no nutritional value causing pups to become unhealthy and fragile straight from birth.
The truth behind puppy mills is devastating and really is tragic. Dogs are living things and innocent lives are taken from the world every day due to these cold-hearted operations. If a dog cannot breed or becomes ill in their lives, breeders look to put them down instead of nurture them back to health or look to find them a home. Puppy mill operations are a place purely around to make a profit on these animals, so if the condition of the puppy affects their profits they basically throw the animal away. The only thing that matters is that dogs are producing puppies.
Another issue is that people around the country are purchasing dogs either online or from pet stores. People on the internet and running pet shop operations do not have to tell you the origin of the puppies, and almost all of them come from puppy mills or puppy mill partnerships. Another reason people tend to by mill dogs are because they are usually cheaper. But your money is what keeps letting inhumane people keep doing these things to dogs. The thing people have to think about is just like anything else, you get what you pay for. If you purchase a hundred dollar dog from a puppy mill breeder you are going to receive a dog with healthy problems due to the cheap food it and its mother were fed and the horrible conditions they were both put through.
But even if pet owners do their part, to end puppy mill corporations completely the country needs to create a law banning them. I mean its illegal to treat animals harshly, and humans have shown that they cannot breed large amounts of dogs at once without being inhumane even in the slightest. Banning these operations will inevitably save thousands of innocent dogs lives. Laws take time to be passed but there are plenty of quick solutions that dog owners can do in the mean time. Things like adopting from shelters and saving dogs who have been through hell and back and giving them a better home. Instead of buying that expensive pure breed you can save an abused homeless dog who will love you for saving him or her.
The road to ending puppy mills won’t be quick nor will it be easy, but it surely would be worth it. It is estimated that around two million puppies are bred from puppy mills each year and nearly twenty percent of those dogs either die or are euthanized before they can even get a home. Eliminating puppy mills will save so many dogs in this country. It will save innocent puppies from growing up in these disgusting inhumane conditions, and it will save so many dogs in shelters from getting euthanized because people would rather get a “pure” bred. The dogs you see in pet stores are adorable, but behind closed doors there is a serious crime being committed. This crime needs to be addressed. Puppy mills are cruel and are no place for any animal to come from or be held.

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