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Quiroz, Miriam
Professor Garcia
Eng. 110
Sep 21, 2017
Humans often perform the same actions repeatedly because of the usual nature of mankind. The society functions on idea that one individual or group of people leads a nation as a whole.

Winston has extreme paranoia. He usually feels this great anguish for the things that happen around him and in the place where he is. He feels paranoid about any aspect he gets from people. While she is having lunch, the dark-haired girl looks “from one side, but with intense curiosity” (61). This makes him assume automatically what is worse, which is a girl is a member of the politics of thought and who looks carefully at everything that Winston does. This same paranoia that had Winston, the feeling of once a few months ago not knowing to handle the situations that happened around me and think things that had nothing to do. In my house, at school, work, and wherever I was, I had too much frustration, anguish, and a depression because I was not responding to one hundred percent with every responsibility. For example, the tasks of the school, comply with my work, do not take the time to pause with so much exes, limit my life, etc. All the symptoms caused me a great paranoia, I did not understand what was happening inside and outside my environment. I felt a great sadness and only perceived the negative explanations of the problems. I also always thought that all the things that happened to me were due to the deliberate actions of the people around me. I have come to conclusions without reasoning all the alternatives and exaggerating the risks of threats to me. When I walked down the street I thought that all the people that crossed me were my friends or family was thinking the worst of me and talking with other people about the evil that was looking at me. They thought the worst and I always used to worry beyond reason.

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Newspeak aimed to reduce the scope of the weighing to make the crime of thought impossible. In this way if there are no words in a language that are capable of expressing independent thoughts no one will ever be able to rebel. Winston writes in her journal that the prostitute was old and ugly, but with the sexual act anyway it was worth it. He realizes that recording the act in his diary has not relieved his anger and yet he longs to shout swearing at the top of his voice (ch 4) . Nowadays the speak write is commonly used by the whole society to the contrary that mentions the book. Everywhere I realize that as the days go by there are new applications or some element work to express yourself with others. This technology has transformed the home, school and work environment is a speak write. The speak write we use all without having to be afraid to express our thought without being punished by someone. I usually use it for most things, for example, sometimes I do not feel like writing or typing a message for my friends or my mother and just by giving a click begins to be recorded my voice.

The party of the nation of Oceania tries to erase the love for anything, in many ways have the success of achieving it. Also the party tries to remove the love of the marriages taking away the pleasure of the sex and the intimacy of the married couples that normally are able to have. Winston was married, had been married: probably still married, as far as he knew his wife was not dead. (56) So he did not worry or know whether his wife was alive or dead. The fact that Winston forgets his wife regularly shows how marriage lost its importance after the calf separated love from him. In a society where love still exists in marriage, it would be difficult to imagine forgetting the person with whom you were married. At this time there are people around us who refuse to feel love for someone or not to express it, but this is not prohibited by someone or some law. It is not only love for a single person but an affection that makes people feel full of pleasure or happiness. Many people speak and criticize this feeling but every human is free to feel and say what they think without any punishment.

The party constantly watches over all citizens for any sign of rebellion or crime of thought, but tries to appear kind and concerned instead of being ruthless and invading. “The big brother is watching you” (9) .In this way the party has seen the citizens through the televisions that are in all the rooms of the homes. Parents try to control their children as much as possible in their development, but we, as children, are frustrated to see that parents follow us everywhere or ask questions all the time. It does not mean that it is bad for parents to pay attention to what children do or talk about, but they make the young man who looks like a dictator feel. In the same way parents put their rules and make us follow them even if we do not agree and if we do not comply with the rules they put some punishment or attract us because they do not give up.

I think it would be beneficial to read again in later years, in which Orwell’s things and messages may become clearer and more say to understand.

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