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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Raquel, one of the participants in “Go Back To Where You Came From”, showed that discoveries can change her perceptions and new ideas. Although there are other examples in the show about that question, nevertheless, Raquel is the most obvious participant who show the changes that the discoveries can lead to. Raquel admitted that she is a bit racist in her introduction scene. She sees the Africans as “black” people and the reason she had that perception is because she dislike their skin color. However, after her journey and what the things that she experience during her journey made her to change her perceptions and also renewed it. She met Bahati’s brother in Kuba, she saw the conditions in Africa, and she learned that living there is not safe nor comfortable. From what Raquel experience, at the end she had new perceptions and new understandings, which is not judging people from its cover. She learned that she should not judge people from their outer appearances, and Africans are not “black” people. Africans are Africans. Thus, the discoveries about the refugees’ lives have made Raquel to have new perceptions and understandings.

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